Orgonite & helicopters, setups, attacks, assassinations, assassination attempts

See Radiation assassination  Poison

[2012 jan EW] Advice for a fellow being intimidated by MI6

[2011] More Fun With the Felonious Feds  Their visit came in the form of a big unmarked black chopper that buzzed the house.  I'm quite used to choppers flying around here and was also when I did search and rescue, firefighting/EMT stuff- but this was very different.  It was REALLY REALLY LOW,SLOW AND SUPER LOUD with a distinct feeling of intimidation. I actually could have hit it with a rock. The horses were near to running trough their fences. We get regular chopper traffic around here that they never react to at all except  maybe to raise their heads. I live on 20 acres and they flew low and slow, exactly over my little house.

[2010] Atlanta Gifter Under Attack 

[2010 Oct] Black Helicopter Comes To Check The CB

[2010 Oct EW] 500 African Orgonite Devices to Mombasa  David Ochieng was poisoned at least one other time, before that, and was evidently murdered with faster-acting poison last year, along with his Emma and Salva Kirr

[2010 Oct EW] Steven J. Smith Murdered?

[2010 July EW] Web Rings, Sabotage And Setup Tactics 

[2010 July EW] Insta-copter

[2010 July EW] My New Green Poison War Wound! ;-) 

[2010 July EW] Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 

[EW 2009 Oct]  Another Murder Attempt on Carol

[EW Sept 2006] Please report overt intimidation, like the following case in Canada... Don Croft

After Laurent told me, about a week ago, that he was also being sabotaged since July we arranged to have a larger session, right before the last full moon on November 10, 2011 and invited him to join us, also Hawthorne and Mark Bennett, who was evidently poisoned with mercury or some such in September.  Getting poisoned with heavy metals is an unwitting kudo from the sewer rats, I think. Carol and I got hit with beryllium, a Canadian mega-gifter was dosed with lead, Carol got dosed with uranium, etc.  None of us have expired from any of that, fortunately, but most of us understand that healthy living isn't enough for one to heal from the effects of those poisons; one has to either get competent professional help to get it out or else know how to do it him/herself.   -- Don