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''The former president of Merck's vaccine division acknowledged to me recently that vaccines are a likely culprit in the food allergy epidemic, but he told me that no one is studying it. How can that possibly be?'' ~   Robert F. Kennedy Jr., [ref]  

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Understanding Allergies

[2017 Feb] Patients with an Allergy to Eggs Are at Risk of Anaphylaxis from MMR Vaccine

[2016 Oct] Severe childhood allergies to peanuts, eggs and dairy directly linked to 'trace' ingredients in common vaccines

[2014] Proof – Governments Have Known for Over a Century that Vaccinations Cause Allergies and Anaphylaxis!!  “Vaccines are the main cause of food allergies. The first allergy in children is casein (milk) allergy due to the casein and aluminum adjuvant in the DTaP – Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) shot which is often given at 2-3 months of age. Since all babies are fed milk in some form immediately, this is the first allergy to be recognized. 
    The next allergy to usually show up at about 3 months of age is soy allergy due to the soy peptone broth and aluminum adjuvant in the Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine given at approximately 2 months of age. Since soy formula is frequently fed to infants, this allergy also shows up early.
    Peanut and nut allergies have shown up as early as 6 months of age in children. Peanut oil is a common trade secret ingredient in vaccine adjuvants. Some manufacturers rely more predominantly on other oils in the vaccines – sesame oil in the vaccines used in Israel and parts of Europe or fish oil which is used in the Scandinavian countries.
    At 6 months of age, children can have had as many as 16 vaccinations several of which can contain mixed oils in the vaccine adjuvant. Many different food oils can be used in the vaccine adjuvant and even more foods used in the culture medium. These ingredients do not have to appear on the package insert because they are considered “inactive” and are a protected trade secret.
    Most physicians do not know that all of the ingredients do not appear on the package insert. Vaccines are not identical from batch to batch or even from dose to dose. The food protein remaining from the oils in the adjuvant or the culture medium varies which is why all the children getting vaccinated from a particular batch of vaccine may not all get the same food allergies.”

[2012 June] Vaccines Cause Allergies – Dr. Dave Mihalovic

  The new vaccine is cultured on canine kidney cells instead of chick embryos making it suitable for those children allergic to eggs; however, the new wonder vaccine may not be suitable for those allergic to dogs.

[2011 May] Rise In Childhood Food Allergies Being Linked To Vaccinations By Christina England

[2011] Allergic Reactions to Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Acellular Pertussis Vaccines Among Children with Milk Allergy Vaccines containing tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis derived from broths containing casamino acids may present a risk to persons with severe milk allergy.

[2010 Nov] Giving babies Calpol or other forms of paracetamol 'doubles the risk of them developing asthma and allergies'

Barbara Feick Gregory's Vaccines & Food Allergies Information website

[2009 April] Vaccines Are The Major Cause of Food Allergies By Barbara Feick Gregory

[2010 June] N1H1 and acute pollen allergies

Peanut oil is a common trade secret ingredient in vaccine adjuvants.


[Letter BMJ Sept 2006] HARD FACT - WHAT CAUSES ALLERGIES---Clifford G. Miller


[NVIC Nov 2004] Food Allergy Vaccine

Study links childhood vaccines to 'huge' increase in allergies

Children with adverse effects from Hep B vaccine

[Media UK] Why children are allergic to affluence

Kaisha [DPT--severe allergies, celiac disease]

Single vaccine that could wipe out common allergies

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The culprit behind asthma and allergies: vaccination by Bronwyn Hancock, BSc

Understanding Allergies

Ingredients  Tween 80

"I observed that my unvaccinated children were healthier, hardier and more robust than their vaccinated peers. Allergies, asthma and pallor and behavioral and attentional disturbances were clearly more common in my young patients who were vaccinated.  My unvaccinated patients, on the other hand, did not suffer from infectious diseases with any greater frequency or severity than their vaccinated peers: their immune systems generally handled these challenges very well."--Incao's Hepatitis B Vaccination Testimony

"The number of American children suffering from life threatening peanut allergies has doubled in the past five years and the number of Americans with food allergies has risen from 6 million to 11 million. This runs parallel with the doubling of asthma, learning disabilities, ADHD; the tripling of diabetes and a 200 to 7,000 percent increase in autism in every state in the U.S. during the past 20 years. As more and more vaccines are mandated to prevent more and more infectious diseases in early childhood, more and more Americans are stuck on sick. So the pharmaceutical industry produces drugs and vaccines that medical doctors sell to patients to try to "cure" the chronic illness that vaccines and suppression of all infectious disease helped to cause in the first place. What a racket" BL Fisher [NVIC Nov 2004] Food Allergy Vaccin

"Today, there are about 150 vaccines being worked on, and within the next decade, we could have a flu vaccine for the left nostril and one for one right nostril. Mankind will be used as a pin cushion. For every vaccination, minimal encephalopathy destroys brain cells. As a result, in Germany, there are 1.2 million children who have contracted hyperkinetic syndrome who are then treated with Psychopharmeca (a drug similar to Ritalin) used to calm them down... We have hundreds of thousands of so-called minimal cerebral dysfunction cases and millions of neurodermatitis patients. In Germany, there are millions of people with allergies. We don’t just produce minimal encephalopathies in the brain, but we also produce modifications of the genetic code."--Dr Buchwald MD

"Recently, Imani and Kehoe (Infection of Human B Lymphocytes with MMR  Vaccine Induces IgE Class Switching. Clinical Immunology, Vol. 100, No. 3, September, pp. 355-361, 2001) also from Johns Hopkins, reported that MMR vaccine induced a change in human immune cells consistent with the induction of allergy and asthma.  They stated this: "Vaccination provides great protection against the  mortality and morbidity associated with many childhood diseases and should  not be discouraged, but it is possible that a side effect of viral vaccination constitutes an increase in the incidence of IgE-mediated disorders. A better understanding of the mechanism underlying this event may yield improved vaccines in the future." ---   Jeff Bradstreet, MD

Olmsted, Dan   Unvaccinated children healthier  Amish

WATCH VIDEO HERE:  - Birgitta Lauren grew up in Sweden. She was healthy. She was vaccine free. She had the normal childhood illnesses such as measles, chickenpox and the mumps. Then, at age 14, she was forced to get the Rubella vaccination, and immediately afterwards became very allergic and developed serious gastrointestinal issues. Watch her story on YouTube. For maximum YouTube exposure, please watch the entire video, like it, comment on it and share it!

Bark, MD, Dr. Toni

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