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[2014 Dec] Autism by Any Other Name and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  "It is bewildering that Dr. Paul Offit can declare “shared symptoms do not make 2 different conditions identical” when autism is defined by its symptoms in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Psychiatry.....When it comes to vaccine injury and autism, government and public health officials are like eels swimming in a murky pool of convoluted phraseology. The child with vaccine induced brain damage didn’t have autism just “autism-like behaviors.”  The child compensated for vaccine injury didn’t have autism just “features of autism.” The vaccine didn’t cause the child’s autism it just “resulted in autism.” And besides all that, the child didn’t have “classic autism”, whatever that is, as Offit claims."

[2011] Female Psychopaths - Smear Campaigns, Bullying, Flattery, Lovebombing, High Testosterone and Self Pity by Thomas Sheridan  BPD was invented as a drug treatment programme. That's it. They had some new drugs and needed some made up "conditions" to boost sales. In other words big pharma in colusion with psychiatrists made it up. Good for business.
    What makes this BPD even more absurd is there have been no empirical or clinical evalutions done to test the validity of the diagnosis. If you look at what it is - nearly all the same sympthoms are psychopathic behaviour. Just another rebrading to sell drugs.
    Now what is really sickening is that the concept of a drug or treatment for BPD gives victims living with psychopaths now rebranded as "Borderline" a false hope of a "cure" while also the label is being applied to people who are non psychopathic and may just have emotional problems. It is a social timebomb if you ask me.
    One of the reasons why the stats of male v female psychopaths are so skewed is that most female psychopaths are being diagnosed as BPD rather than as psychopaths. This also allows them lenient treatment in courts on the basis that they can be medicated out of their pathology.
    Psychopathy/sociopathy is a pathology that is VERY easy to confirm. We have excellent diagnostic tools coupled with CAT scan technology which give a 100% spot on confirmation - no guess work. It is perhaps the most easily determined metal disorder of all. Yet more and more of these predators are being tagged as BPD and being allowed a free ticket to hunt at will. If they get caught. They can be "cured". A complete disaster in every way except for the psychopaths.

[2011 Aug] An Elaborate Fraud, Part 6: In Which “Blagging” is Discredited as a Journalistic Tactic, Unless the British Medical Journal Publishes It   My grandson WAS initially prescribed anti inflammatory medications by Professor Walker-Smith and they helped, but they were stopped when his diagnosis was deliberately changed to chronic constipation by 'hatchetmen' in the Royal Free post Wakefield and Prof Walker-Smith. Now as then the poor lad just gets kilos and litres of constipation powders and bottles. They do NOTHING to alleviate the pain.---Jenny Allan

[2009 Nov] A Nun speaks out on the H1N1 Pandemic: "The WHO changed the official definition of a pandemic" Interview with Sister Dr. Teresa Forcades . An articulate and authoritative statement by Gaspar Hernández  Last May, WHO changed the official definition of a pandemic -- it changed from a logical definition (a pandemic is an infection of global proportions and with a high mortality) to an illogical definition (a pandemic is an infection of global proportions).  Under the new definition of "pandemic", the annual [seasonal] flu more than meets the requirements to be one. Are we going to declare a world health alert every fall? Besides absurdity from the scientific standpoint, this has serious financial and policy consequences.
.....In 2007, WHO adopted a regulation that in case of a pandemic, WHO can legally bind member countries to vaccinate all or part of their population. The governments of these countries would be obliged then to impose fines or other penalties for individuals who refuse to be vaccinated.

"And we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases."  Plato

  'I have been doing locums in lots of different practices . In some Primary Care Trusts, they are remunerating GPs for their extra swine flu work by looking at how many consultations are logged as 'swine flu', so I have been told to enter any cold, upper-respiratory tract infection , fever etc  as swine flu, and some GPs are going back in their patients records since the swine flu started and re-labelling the reason for the consultation.  Is it any wonder there are so many cases?' [2009 Aug] Calling Big Pharma’s Bluff – Swine Flu Misfires in the UK By John Stone

Hardly had the swine flu campaign been completed than the reports of the casualties began to pour in. Within a few months, claims totalling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the swine flu vaccine. The medical authorities proved equal to the challenge; they leaped to the defense of the Medical Monopoly by labelling the new epidemic, "Guillain-Barre Syndrome."--Eustace Mullins

The DSM Hoax  The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is psychiatry’s “billing bible” of so-called mental disorders. With the DSM, psychiatry has taken countless aspects of human behavior and reclassified them as a “mental illness” simply by adding the term “disorder” onto them. While even key DSM contributors admit that there is no scientific/medical validity to the “disorders,” the DSM nonetheless serves as a diagnostic tool, not only for individual treatment, but also for child custody disputes, discrimination cases, court testimony, education and more. As the diagnoses completely lack scientific criteria, anyone can be labeled mentally ill, and subjected to dangerous and life threatening “treatments” based solely on opinion.

When her condition became serious, she was admitted to hospital, where her aunt came to visit her. Her aunt had nursed diphtheria cases in Britain in the 1950s, and she said that her niece had the typical symptoms of diphtheria. The girl was flown by helicopter to a bigger hospital in Auckland, where they took a swab from her throat and confirmed diphtheria. When they learned that the girl was fully immunised, one of the doctors said to the mother, "Then it can't be diphtheria." They changed the diagnosis to bacterial tracheitis. [2005] Raising A Vaccine Free Child by WENDY LYDALL

"The British Medical Journal ran a very revealing article recently, entitled Selling Sickness. In it, the authors stated:

“Pharmaceutical companies are actively involved in sponsoring the definition of diseases and promoting them to both prescribers and consumers. The social construction of illness is being replaced by the corporate construction of disease. Although some sponsored professionals or consumers may act independently and all concerned may have honourable motives, in many cases the formula is the same: groups and/or campaigns are orchestrated, funded, and facilitated by corporate interests, often via their public relations and marketing infrastructure. A key strategy of the alliances is to target the news media with stories designed to create fears about the condition or disease and draw attention to the latest treatment. Company sponsored advisory boards supply the ‘independent experts’ for these stories, consumer groups provide the ‘victims’ and public relations companies provide media outlets with the positive spin about the latest ‘breakthrough’ medications.” (Ray Moynihan, Iona Heath, David Henry, 'Selling Sickness: the pharmaceutical industry and disease-mongering', British Medical Journal online, BMJ, 13th  April  2002 )--Steve Ransom

The coroner said it would be two weeks before a cause of death could be determined. The coroner and police treated me like I had committed a crime, taking pictures of her old bottles and formula. They questioned me over and over. It was not the kind of situation a mother should be in when her child has just died.
   About two months later, we received a telephone call from a Dr. Thomas Gill, of the Marion County Coroner's Office. He told us the cause of death was the Hepatitis B virus - which she could only have gotten form the vaccine. He told me that he would get the death certificate out to me very soon.
    Sixteen weeks later, we received the death certificate in the mail and the cause of death was "natural causes" otherwise known as "SIDS" (Sudden Infant Death Sudden). I was shocked to say the least. I called the Coroner's Office and spoke to Dr. Manders, the Coroner of Marion County and was told that Dr. Gill had been asked to resign.
    Dr. Manders stated that he had signed the death certificate. I asked how he could sign the death certificate if he did not perform the autopsy. He told me that he had done so since Dr. Gill was no longer there. We have not been able to determine how he came to the cause of death since he did not perform the autopsy and that Dr. Gill told us something very very different. He told me that if I had questions, to call a Dr. Pless, a pathologist at Indiana University. I did call and made an appointment to speak to Dr. Pless. He was a man with out compassion. The most cold-hearted I have ever met. He told me to stop trying to place the blame of my child's death on someone and go on with my life. He also stated that if the vaccine did kill my daughter that it was saving more live than it was taking. Testimony Of Tonya and Gerald Nelson

"Furthermore, much depends on how statistics are gathered. Until recently most autopsies on infants were carried out in a haphazard fashion. Often, no autopsies were performed. Now, in most parts of the western world, strict criteria are applied and autopsies performed by specialist teams. Many cases that previously would be considered as qualifying for the diagnosis of SIDS are now excluded. This artificially reduces the incidence compared to pre-autopsy and specialised consideration times. To accurately follow recent trends one needs to look at the overall infant mortality rate. This is the bottom line and cannot be easily manipulated."--Dr Kalokerinos MD (Medical Pioneer of the 20th century p178)

"A new medical definition (Idiopathic CD4+ T-cell lymphocytopenia) was created to avoid the fact that AIDS occurs in the absence of HIV."----John Kirkham http://www.sickofdoctors.addr.com/articles/top100_aids_inconsistencies.htm [See: CD4 test

"Suppose that 25 people who have received the hepatitis B vaccine come down with hepatitis. Well, hep B is a liver disease. But you can call liver disease many things. You can change the diagnosis. Then, you've concealed the root cause of the problem."----Jon Rappoport interview

"The only accepted legal medical diagnosis of cancer is by biopsy. This is not 100% accurate, for there are false positives as well as false negative biopsies.  We, that is you and I, are not permitted to make a diagnosis of cancer. Nor are we permitted by law to use any system of diagnosis except biopsy for cancer diagnosis. The Medical Establishment tightly controls the diagnosis of cancer."--Dr Kelley DDS

"Mr. Henry May, Medical Officer of Health, candidly states as follows: "In certificates given by us voluntarily, and to which the public have access, it is scarcely to be expected that a medical man will give opinions which may tell against or reflect upon himself in. any way. In such cases he will most likely tell the truth, but not the whole truth, and assign some prominent symptom of the disease as the cause of death."---Alfred Wallace

In one classic example from the early years of the past century, one state went from 4,000 cases of "malaria" a year to ZERO the next because the definition of the disease was changed. In order to call it malaria, the public health department insisted that at least ONE malaria parasite be found in a blood sample (easy to do with minimal training and supplies are the same as for a CBC). And all the vague fevers that doctors had been calling malaria were still there.

"Chronic fatigue syndrome is more accurately called myalgic encephalomyelitis. The chronic fatigue syndrome nomenclature was given by the US National Institutes of Health because it wanted to downgrade and belittle the disease."--Donald W. Scott MA, MSc.

Improve vaccine efficacy by a) changing the diagnosis

"At one time in the Army, we called enteric (typhoid), "enteric," and a rose, a rose; but I served long enough to hear a rose called anything from a head of cabbage to a scarlet pimpernel. (Laughter.) A man in the Army contracting enteric, provided he had not been previously inoculated, was diagnosed enteric and treated for this affection from the start. If he had been inoculated and still got ill with symptoms that were, so to speak, a mirage of enteric, the procedure was different. He was first of all classified as N.Y.D. N.Y.D. was popularly supposed to mean "Not Yet Dead," but professionally it meant "Not Yet Diagnosed."---Lt-Col. Donegan

Indeed, it is admitted in official reports that a similar careless practice as to false diagnosis and incorrect report of cause of death exists in some cases in the U. S. Army where, for example, actual typhoid fever in vaccinated men had been reported as "Influenza" and where death of vaccinated men from typhoid was entered as due solely to one of the complications such as "Peritonitis," "Broncho-Pneumonia. [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

All sorts of fantastic classifications have been introduced to cover the failures of the serum treatments. When it was obvious that anti-typhoid anti-toxin did not confer immunity and that those treated with it had the temerity to develop typhoid, something had to be done. As theoretically the immunized person could not have typhoid, it was decided to invent a new name, hitherto unknown to the clinicians—paratyphoid. Nor was this altogether a disadvantage, for, of course, a new serum had to be found to apply to paratyphoid. Then, when persons inoculated with both kinds of serum developed what looked like typhoid something further had to be done. But your bacteriologists are never at a loss for expedients, and they promptly discovered that this was another kind of paratyphoid, viz.—paratyphoid B. So, yet another preventive serum was put up, and when, in spite of inoculation against paratyphoid A. and B., an outbreak of typhoid occurs on a large scale in Mesopotamia, and the natural inference would be that inoculation was useless, the interested parties will admit nothing of the kind, but produce from their capacious sleeve yet another card— paratyphoid C. [1933] The Golden Calf by Charles W. Forward

Diptheria, Croup
"Not long after this time, all croup, regardless of its nature, was included as a diphtheria death in New Zealand statistics, up until the vaccine was introduced. Nowadays, croup is considered to be caused by viruses belonging to the parainfluenza group."--Hilary Butler

For example whooping cough gets called “croup” when it occurs in vaccinated children, and diphtheria gets called such names as “epiglotitis”, or, as in this case, described in “Raising a Vaccine Free Child”, by Wendy Lydall (2005, pg 68),
    ‘Her aunt had nursed diphtheria cases in Britain in the 1950s, and she said that her niece had the typical symptoms of diphtheria. The girl was flown by helicopter to a bigger hospital in Auckland, where they took a swab from her throat and confirmed diphtheria. When they learned that the girl was fully immunised, one of the doctors said to the mother, "Then it can’t be diphtheria." They changed the diagnosis to bacterial tracheitis.’ ----[Letter BMJ May 2005 Mumps]

My daughter, who has never been vaccinated, had a milder case and recovered sooner than either of the other girls. Both other girls were on antibiotics (several different types), which did not help at all. That tells me several things:  1) The vaccine does not protect your child. 2) Your child’s natural immunity is better able to fight off the disease without antibiotics.  3) The milder, shorter version of whooping cough, which my daughter had, was preferable to the longer, harsher cases the other girls had.  Had I taken my child to the doctor (which I did not), she most likely would have been diagnosed as having "whooping cough" because she was not vaccinated. The other girls were officially diagnosed as having "croup", since they had been vaccinated. Just another way to cover up actual statistics, and fool the average person into believing that vaccines are safe. [2001 Letter] Whooping Cough Cover-up

"It is obvious that this practice of screening statistics, apparently in order to suppress facts unfavourable to immunisation, invalidates most of the evidence brought forward by the supporters of immunisation. They have even gone so far as to invent a new disease known as TONSILLITIS IN SCHICK-NEGATIVE CARRIERS to describe cases of apparent diphtheria in persons "who had at one time or another been Schick-negative."
    It will be noted that whereas at the time of the introduction of antitoxin in 1894 the final diagnosis of diphtheria was changed from clinical to bacteriological and resulted in the inclusion of thousands of ordinary sore throats in the diphtheria statistics and a consequent fall in the case mortality, a manoeuvre favourable to the use of the antitoxin), the present change, in abandoning the hitherto accepted bacteriological diagnosis, automatically reduces the number of cases of diphtheria and therefore produces figures apparently favourable to immunisation, the latest craze.
    But in addition to this fundamental change of front there has to be mentioned another alteration in diagnosis. This consists in the refusal to classify cases as diphtheria among the immunised, on the ground that they only present mild symptoms. According to the Medical Officer of Health for Ipswich (see East Anglian Times, February 22nd, 1934), it has become the practice not to regard as diphtheria persons who, after immunisation, develop sore throats even though the presence of the Klebs-Loeffler bacilli (hitherto considered to be diagnostic of the disease) can be demonstrated in them.
    Such a manoeuvre is not only bound to falsify all subsequent vital statistics, but can be shown to be unjustifiable on grounds of medical pathology, for the assumption that mild cases are not likely to be diphtheria is not borne out by historical records."----Beddow Bayly

b) "Wrong  Diagnosis"


Since completion of catch-up vaccination campaigns, case-based surveillance of suspected measles cases has been initiated in four of the six countries, using the WHO case definition (i.e., any case with rash and fever and at least one of the following symptoms: cough, coryza, or conjunctivitis). Following training for national laboratory technicians of the six countries in July 1998,laboratory capacity to investigate suspected measles cases using a measles IgM enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) was introduced in four countries. Because of the limited availability of measles IgM ELISA kits, serum was tested from 425 (14%) of the 3035 persons with suspected measles in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe since the catch-up campaigns. Of 425 suspected measles cases tested, 17 (4%) were measles IgM-positive (Table 2). In South Africa, of the 275 measles IgM-negative serum samples that were tested for rubella IgM, 140 (46%) were positive. http://www.cdc.gov/epo/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm4827a3.htm

"Finland 'eradicated' mumps measles and rubella by mass vaccination from 1982 with two doses of live virus vaccines. "the 99% decrease in these diseases was accompanied by an increasing rate of 'false positive clinical diagnoses'" - "In 655 vaccinated patients with clinically diagnosed disease, serologic studies confirmed presence of measles in only 0.8%, mumps in 2.0%, rubella in 1.2%." ...The question I would now ask is, Finland replaced measles, mumps and rubella with "approximately 655 cases" of WHAT?"---John P Heptonstall