[Many well know to thousands.  A secret probably becomes otherwise when some 10% of the population know it, at a rough guess.  The Elite use people like Randi and Dawkins to keep useful stuff suppressed, eg Dowsing and Homeopathy are 2 favourite targets, under the guise of fighting quackery.]


'Imagine what you desire, Will what you imagine, Create what you Will'.---George Bernard Shaw

Human Power

Karezza & Sexual Secrets (Tantra)

The Internal Reality

Spiritual Psychology
  Coincidence Control  (The Higher Self)

  The Secret (Law of Attraction)

Health secrets (these would wipe out Allopathy)
Raw food
Urine therapy
The Assemblage Point
Zapper quotes
Water cure (dehydration)
Distilled water
Acid and alkaline

Food combining

Here is some science that the Illuminati have had for decades
[Media Jan 16, 2005]
Hurtubise says invention sees through walls