Assassination by disease (Heart attack, cancer...)

[By Radiation, Beam weapons, poison...]

See: MAD (medically assisted death)  Cancer Microbe  SV40  Horowitz DM.D.,M.A, Leonard .

Chavez, Hugo
Cook, Robin
Gaitskell, Hugh
Irwin, James B. (Moon hoax)
Jacobs, Paul (moon hoax)
Marley, Bob
McGowan, Dave
Purdey, Mark (BSE)
Willner, M.D. 
Margulis, Lynn
Smith, John,
Warwick, Dean

Project Camelot Interview with John Robbie – UK researcher who died of a brain tumor not long after deeply investigating the “human-like aliens among us” phenomenon.

Ernst Zundel (left) with his long-term German attorney, Jürgen Rieger, who died  mysteriosly after his client’s trial of a sudden heart attack
[2016 July] Germany: Since 1945 a Vassal State to Israel

Tony Dodd is a British UFO investigator who concluded that human-looking aliens have infiltrated society and were holding high positions in government. They are a threat to the government, who hunts them down with trained killers. Dodd was warned he would be killed if he pursued this research, and indeed he died of a rapid brain tumor in early 2009. According to Project Camelot, “He had always suspected that his illness was engineered and was directly related to his work.”

''Just nine weeks ago, on April 14, I presented a lengthy video deconstruction of the 2013 Boston Marathon incident through the Caravan to Midnight radio show/podcast. About a week later (on April 20, of all days), the nearly four-hour video presentation was uploaded to YouTube. Not long after that, someone using the username Phoenix Archangel posted an interesting comment: “John [Wells, the host of the show] always signs off with some of the best advice ever. Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.”
    If you haven’t watched the video yet, by the way, you really need to do so: [vid] Caravan To Midnight - Episode 269 David McGowan Talks Boston Marathon. And have all your friends and family members watch it as well. It’s a little on the long side and could use some serious editing, but it does succeed in completely laying waste to the official story of what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013. As for Mr./Ms Archangel, he/she wasn’t too far off, though I’ve been told that it’s actually incurable small-cell lung cancer that has already spread to my liver and bones."  ~  Dave McGowan   Update: After a courageous and painful six-month battle, Dave passed away on November 22, 2015, at his home in Eagle Rock.  

Convenient Nazi deaths
The Death Of John Kennedy: Convenient Deaths 1963 - 1976
A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased by Thomas Kues

[vid] The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

[2017 Aug] Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead: Mercury Detox Expert, Warned of Vaccine Injury

[EW Jan 2013] Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling the targets  When Carol and I were just getting started with the internet stuff in 2001 we were introduced to a very skilled psychic in Phoenix, named Carole, who told us that she occasionally did contract work for the CIA.  She believed it was patriotic to do so and she even had an American flag decal in a side window of her car.  By then, most of the psychics in the US were also working for the CIA, though they had no memory of it because it was through Monarch programming  Carol and I had the impression that Carole was not one of these and when we attended one of her channeling sessions Carol watched her energy and later told me it was clean. Her impression was that the info/energy was actually coming from benevolent aliens, as Carole claimed.  It felt very good to me to be there during the session. Most other channelers I'd encountered in 3D just creeped me out Cool  Carole got fast cancer shortly after that and was dead in a month.  She refused to wear her zapper after she got sick because (she told us) she felt that she got sick in order to 'reach the nurses who were working on her.'  In those days the CIA/NSA were systematically murdering all the skilled psychics who were not Monarch programmed, according to what we were seeing.

[2012 June] Disable the purveyors: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

[2012 May] Tony Blair – The Return of the Prodigal Son By T Stokes  A similar chain of events had occurred nearly 30-years earlier when the then Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell died after visiting the Soviet embassy in January 1963. Like John Smith and Robin Cook, Gaitskell was a fit man in his fifties with no prior record of heart problems. Nonetheless, a sudden and unexpected heart attack killed Gaitskell and conveniently opened the way for Harold Wilson; which pleased the Soviets as his policies played right into their hands, and led to suspicions of foul play as like John Smith, Gaitskell was poised to become prime minister. The Porton Down disease specialist, Dr. Ladell later secretly reviewed Gaitskell’s death and concluded that he was indeed probably murdered.

[2012 March] Was Andrew Breitbart murdered by the Obama Regime?

[2011 Dec] Hugo Chávez hints at US cancer plot

In 2002, the BBC wrote: “Bruno Tagliaferro, a Charleroi scrap-metal merchant who knew Dutroux, claimed to know something about the car in which Julie and Melissa were kidnapped. But he was soon found dead, apparently of a heart attack.”...A rather suspicious heart attack, under the circumstances.  His wife also thought so and “refused to accept the verdict and arranged for his body to be exhumed. Samples sent to the US for analysis showed he’d been poisoned.”.....The BBC added: “Soon after, her teenage son found her dead at home in her bed, her mattress smouldering. Publicly it was declared suicide, or an accident.”   The sinister Marc Dutroux cover-up

[2011 Aug] Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer   After nearly 80 years of research and development there is now a way to simulate a real heart attack and to give a healthy person cancer. Both have been used as a means of assassination. Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish an assassination induced heart attack or cancer from the real thing.
    Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a “natural cause”? Not if government agencies have found a way to influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation. Neurological research has found that the brain has specific frequencies for each voluntary movement called preparatory sets. By firing at your chest with a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so-called heart attack. In this way, high profile leaders of political parties who are prone to heart attacks can be killed off before they cause any trouble.
....Among the witnesses, important people and conspirators who might have been eliminated by induced heart attack and cancer are: Jack Rudy (died of a stroke due to an undiagnosed form of aggressive cancer, just weeks after he agreed to testify before Congress about the JFK assassination), Clay Shaw, J. Edgar Hoover, Earlene Roberts (Oswald’s land-lady), Marlyn Monroe, Slobodan Milosevic, Kenneth Lay (former CEO of ENRON – the largest political campaign contributor of Gorge W Bush and Dick Cheney), Matt Simmons, Mark Pittman (a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings. Pittman fought to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny), Elizabeth Edwards (suddenly diagnosed with cancer while her husband was campaigning against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States. During a campaign speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in May 2007, Edwards called the War on Terrorism a slogan that was created for political reasons and that it wasn’t a plan to make the United States safe. He went further to compare it to a bumper sticker and that it had damaged the US’s alliances and standing in the world.), … enter here the names of every politically outspoken person, whistle blower or witness who died unexpectedly of a heart attack or who quickly died of an incurable cancer.

[2010 Dec] Larry Silverstein and the Bernard Mendik-Vornado Realty Connection By Laurence De Mello  

[2010] CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

[2006] Whistleblower dies in suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference


[1975] Project Blue Beam.   Serge Monast and another journalist, both of whom were researching Project Blue Beam, died of "heart attacks" within weeks of each other although neither had a history of heart disease. Serge was in Canada. The other Canadian journalist was visiting Ireland. Prior to his death, the Canadian government abducted Serge's daughter in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing his research into Project Blue Beam. His daughter was never returned. Pseudo-heart attacks are one of the alleged methods of death induced by Project Blue Beam.

Is someone killing our UFO investigators?


Siemens secret hoard of Human Microchips - USAF contractor William Pawelec.  Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. We recently found out that Mr. William Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007 and we received permission to release it in December 2010.  Interestingly, like many government whistleblowers and others who take a stand against the government, Pawelec died of cancer. Normally we assume cancer to be the result of a 'natural' cause. However, the US government have been working on the development of aggressive cancer-causing viruses from at least 1963. Ironically, Pawelec himself even refers directly to cancer as a bio-weapon in his interview. One such program was designed to develop a cancer-causing bio-weapon intended to be used to assassinate Fidel Castro in 1964. The rationale behind the use of such cancer-causing agents is, of course, that no suspicion of murder would be raised at the time of death.

"There is now a way to simulate a real heart attack. It can be used as a means of assassinates." Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish this from the real thing. The New Order of Barbarians

an article by Lieutenant Colonel John B. Alexander, entitled "The New Mental Battlefield -- Beam Me Up, Spock",  provides further insight into the technical capabilities now at the disposal of the controllers. He writes: "Several examples will demonstrate areas in which progress has been made: The transference of energy from one organism to another. The ability to heal or cause disease can be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent cause.   [1994] Serge Monast Talk Explaining NASA's Project Blue Beam

 Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a "natural cause"?  Not if NSA psychics influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation... National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 1. Citadel of evil by Steven J. Smith

[2001] The Bombing of PanAm Flight 103. Case Not Closed by William Blum Allan Francovich suddenly died of a heart attack at age 56, upon arrival at Houston Airport.  His film has had virtually no showings in the United States.

Murder in Wiesenthal's Footsteps  With horror we find that all twelve hunted "deniers of the gas chambers" died under mysterious circumstances.  Interestingly, Uwe Barschel (the chief minister of Schleswig Holstein), Heribert Apfalter (the president of the nationalized Austrian steel industry), and Herbert Amry (the Austrian ambassador in Athens) also died the same mysterious way as did the "gas chamber deniers", as described here. Does the Mossad have a "Tesla Ray" weapon?

When we neutralize, we use, quote, "compound poisons" and so forth that imitate heart attacks and don't show up. Transcript of 12 hours of radio interview of Chip Tatum on Intelligence Report. Ted Gundersson interviewe 1999.

I do find it interesting that Jack Ruby died of cancer a few weeks after his conviction for murder had been overruled in appeals court and he was ordered to stand trial outside of Dallas -- thus allowing him to speak freely if he so desired. I would also note that there was little hesitancy in killing Lee Harvey Oswald in order to prevent him from talking, so there is no reason to suspect that any more consideration would have been shown Jack Ruby if he had posed a threat to the architects of the conspiracy.[1967]  Jim Garrison Interview

Friedrich Hartjenstein (b. 1905) was together with Kramer in charge of Birkenau from the end of November 1943 to the beginning of May 1944. He was sentenced to death twice: first by a British tribunal on June 5, 1946, the second time by a French tribunal on July 2, 1954. None of the sentences were related to his activity at Birkenau. He allegedly died of a heart attack in his Paris prison cell on October 20, 1954.
Franz Paul Stangl (b. 1908) served as commandant of Sobibor from March to September 1942, and as commandant of Treblinka from September 1942 to August 1943. After the war he was briefly interned but released and fled to Syria . In 1951 he and his family migrated to Brazil , where Stangl, living under his own name, worked at a Volkswagen factory. He was arrested in 1967 and extradited to West Germany , where he was sentenced to life in prison in 1970. While awaiting appeal he met and talked to Jewish journalist Gitta Sereny, who later published alleged transcripts of the conversations in her book Into that Darkness (1974). On June 28, 1971, the day after their last conversation, Stangl suddenly died, allegedly from a heart attack.  A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased by Thomas Kues

Mae Brussell died of fast-onset cancer in the midst of her investigation into this matter, among others.  Mae Brussell lost her daughter, Bonnie, in a fatal car accident, which she attributed to a "hit" by her enemies. MAE BRUSSELL'S  RESEARCH ABOUT CHILD ABUSE--SANCTIONED,TOLERATED AND BURIED BY THE USA!

In quoting this research I refer to documents listed under Reference 15. So sophisticated is this research, and I refer to Operation Pandora Joint CIA/MI6 Operation since the 1960s, Operation Woodpecker USSR 1976, Operation HAARP still running in USA; they are able to define specific pulse frequencies to cause specific brain malfunctions or illnesses. For instance: 4.5: Illness Caused, 6.6: Depression/Suicide, 11: Manic behaviour/Anger, 25:Blindness if aimed at the head/Heart attack if aimed at the chest.  Other consequences of frequencies used but not listed here are hysteria, trauma, lust, murder and cancer, and may all be induced. Confidential Report on TETRA for the Police of England and Wales by B Trower

When the reptilians have decided that an abductee has gone "too far" they will exact their preferred method of retribution which is Cancer. It is an excruciating way to die and the reptilians extract every last iota of physical and emotional anguish from their victim until their demise. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

Neurological research found the brain to have specific frequencies for each voluntary movement called preparatory sets. By firing at your chest with a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so-called heart attack. In this way, high profile leaders of political parties who are prone to heart attacks can be killed off before they cause any trouble.
    Neil Kinnocks' Labour Government was allegedly cheated out of an election victory by postal vote rigging in twenty key marginal seats. When a new even more electable Labour leader was found, it is rumoured that John Smith, the then Labour leader, was prompted to have a fatal heart attack, while walking in the country with his family, by means of a concealed microwave device which operated on the Vagus nerve to bring about a massive heart attack. Since MI5 have a long history of naked hatred towards the Labour party, there may be some truth in the above, though no hard evidence had yet been found.  [1999] MIND CONTROL IN THE UK by Tim Rifat BSc BEd.

So many people have been done in by cancer at a convenient time in history that conspiracy buffs wonder if you can "give" people cancer. I recall the propitious cancer deaths of Jack Ruby, William Casey, Martha Mitchell, the Shah of Iran, Mae Brussell, and others. (Even O.J. Simpson was tested for lymphoma cancer in a swollen lymph node while imprisoned awaiting trial for murder.) Can you kill people by injecting them with cancer viruses and bacteria? Of course! No one in their right mind would want blood from a dying cancer or AIDS patient. Can you give a person cancer? If cancer in animals can be caused by injecting them with cancer viruses and bacteria, it would certainly be possible to do the same with human beings!---[1994] Is Cancer Contagious? by Alan Cantwell

Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers.

What Don has said about most resisting psychics being murdered by fast cancer in the 90's is something that I can confirm. I once had an Australian girlfriend who was a bit psychic and who's mom was very skilled witch (one of the good ones). Her mom died of cancer in a very, very short time period (in a matter of weeks since getting the first symptoms) inexplicably, and the doctors were perplexed because she showed all the symptoms of testicular cancer (?!?) but being a woman this was impossible of course. The serial killers also had never seen such a fast acting cancer. This old girlfriend of mine was the first person I met who had a burning hate towards the world odor which she got from her mom, so I'm sure her mother was quite a threat to these freaks. She was quite tramatized by her mom's death and thought MDs were the lowest of the scum on earth, I guess she never met a jesuit Cool ----Alejandro