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[He has the Holmes magnifying glass, but thinks HIV causes AIDS, and advocates the mercury Flu vaccine, that even the makers admit is useless and only done for the cash!! (Hello?  Sherlock, Iconoclastic?  I don't think so!) Vaccine propagandists are the worst form of journalists (see), and you can detect an undercurrent of nastiness.  Not much of a soul connection to put it mildly, and blood on hands is seeing yourself in others.  A covert Allopath, at least Ben Goldacre is an Allopath.  What is his excuse?  A pharma shill.]

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[2010 Feb] The damage of the anti-vaccination movement. Childhood diseases once mostly eradicated are making a comeback. And children are dying.By Michael Fumento

[2004] Anti-vaccine Activists Get Jabbed By Michael Fumento


"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XVI - No Proof Of Safety for Thimerosal in Vaccines - A Rebuttal to the Doublespeak in: 'Suffer the Little Children' No More By Michael Fumento (29 October 2007; 20 pages)"

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Note the classic propaganda graph on right.  [See: Graph propaganda.]

[We all know who comes from the cesspool.]
"To scare the living tar out of parents of small children have just been dealt a stunning setback with the retraction of an influential but fraudulent article in a major medical journal. To the extent the retraction is publicized, it should prevent sickness and possible death in kids and help shove anti-vaccination groups back into the conspiracy theory cesspool from whence they arose."

[Yeah, right! Except when it comes to the Holy Grail of vaccination and HIV where he must be digging with a nailfile!  Last media dig into childhood vaccination was 1984 Fresno Bee DPT report!] "This is what I absolutely love to do! Dig and dig and dig. So I decided I was going to make my niche as a Young Turk not in pontificating, which is easier, but in investigative reporting."

[If there is more autism!  Its down to late babies! Or the old classic diagnosis ploy.]
If indeed there is more autism, a likely culprit is women having babies later than ever something long associated with numerous birth defects. Another is the obesity epidemic. About 20 published studies have found that children from overweight moms, much less those who are outright obese, have higher rates of many types of birth defects. To point this out, of course, is to beg for a horsewhipping from feminists, fat activists, and trial lawyers."  "Rather, awareness of the disease and changing diagnostic practices were probably "a major cause of the recent large increase." [See: change in diagnosis.]

[Blood on their hands.  Nice one.]
But it remains that parents who do not vaccinate their children are not only putting them in harm's way but also their children's friends and classmates. As to those who frighten parents away from childhood vaccinations? They may have money in the pockets, but they have blood on their hands."  [See: MMR deaths  Vaccine Death Death by Medicine for the real bloody hands.]

[LOL] "In fact I've even had the pneumonia vaccine, which can prevent secondary bacterial infections from attacking immune systems under assault from the flu virus. Unfortunately, while it protects against 23 different bacterial strains, it does not protect against the worst of them - staphylococcus."

[Duesberg a crank?  Along with Mullis, etc I don't think so!  You need at most 2 brain cells to see through the HIV/AIDS hoax.] "The blogsite Dean's World suggests that I agree with nutcase Peter Duesberg that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. A simple Google search reveals I think he's a crank and that HIV most certainly causes AIDS." [See: AIDS Hoax Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport.]

[Yeah, we are the conspiracy!  Too bad we have the overwhelming evidence that vaccines are ineffective and dangerous.] "The real conspirators here are the Kennedy's of the world, the 150 websites, and all those desperate to kill off childhood vaccinations. Sadly, they're also killing off kids." [See: MMR deaths  & Vaccine Death for the real 200 year baby killers.]

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