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Haverbeck   English translation by KZ Kladderadatsch

[2016 July] Germany: Since 1945 a Vassal State to Israel

Shocking 1944 British government letter

Daily Life in Auschwitz from British Intelligence decrypts, 1942

[2013 Feb] On the Importance of Holocaust Revisionism—A Reply to Alan Hart By Thomas Dalton, Ph.D

I n spite of the repression, revisionism will win  The Auschwitz swindle has had its day. As for the repression exerted by the swindlers, it is a sign that they have run out of arguments. They were asked for “one proof, one single proof” to back up their terrible accusation: according to them, for over four years Germany had perpetrated against the Jewish people a crime without precedent in the history of mankind and, for all that time, the whole world, except for a handful of “Righteous” ones, had remained indifferent to the unspeakable horror. At first, the swindlers provided an abundance of “evidence”, all of which proved to be fallacious, so much so that later, from 1979, they had to conclude that there was, after all, no need to prove the obvious! * It only remained for them to strike blows at the noncompliant and strike they did. They have struck in producing works where guessing vies with speculation, in the cinema as well as in novels, both with brainwashing and with physical violence, along with the unjust power of the law. All a waste of effort. Revisionism will win.

[2012 April] A Requiem for John Demjanjuk

[2012 Feb] Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism by Robert FAURISSON

Nazi Escort Jewish Bankers To Safety!

The Lethal Liberation of Bergen-Belsen by Joseph Bellinger

[2010] Elie Wiesel — Holocaust survivor # A7713?

[2010 Sept] Why I believe the king of the Nazi hunters, Simon Wiesenthal, was a fraud

[2010 march] Is Gilad Atzmon, in His Turn, Becoming a Revisionist? by Robert Faurisson  "I am left puzzled here, if the Nazis ran a death factory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, why would the Jewish prisoners join them at the end of the war? Why didn’t the Jews wait for their Red liberators?"

[2008] German Poison Gas (1914 - 1944) by  Richard A. Widmann

[2007] Hitler Used Rothschild Banker's Typewriter By Henry Makow Ph.D.   Emil Georg von Stauss, the president of  Germany's largest bank, the Deutsche Bank, lent Hitler a portable Remington so he could write his infamous anti-Jewish banker manifesto "Mein Kampf."   Von Stauss, a principal Nazi Party fundraiser, also was a longtime business associate of the Rothschild

 Great Holocaust Trial of 1988

Origin of Holocaust Propaganda

The Leuchter Report

[1948] Circular Letter of the Military Police Service

[Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 


[Fred A. Leuchter] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

[2001] A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf

The Lies, Slips, Bungles and Perjuries of Filip Mueller, Professional Witness of Auschwitz-Birkenau by Maria Temmer

101 Table of Contents of "Holocaust 101" in Several Languages

[2008] The Holocaust as an Ideological Danger by Paul Grubach

[2001] Controversy Of The Auschwitz Swimming Pool By Robert Faurisson

Provanian Exterminationism, the "Death Camp" Treblinka, and the Demjanjuk Case By Paul Grubach

What is the real Racial/Ethnic agenda of the ADL? By Paul Grubach

[2008] Will Michael Shermer Debate Paul Grubach on the Holocaust? By Paul Grubach

[2002] Holocaust Revisionism and Creationism: Shermer's Faulty Analogy By Paul Grubach

[2007 Sept 25] An American Holocaust by Christopher Bollyn 

[2007] Zundel Update - Innocent And Inside Mannheim Prison By Dennis Stevenson

[2006] The Anne Frank Diary Fraud by Brian Harring

[1995] Bergen-Belsen Camp: The suppressed story By Mark Weber

[1988] Treblinka: An Exceptional Guide By Dr. Robert Faurisson

[1981] THE HOLOCAUST EXPLAINED By Eustace Mullins

[1995] The Liberation of the Camps by Theodore J. O'Keefe

[1993] The Zionist Terror Network Background and Operation of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal Zionist Groups

[1992] Pages From The Auschwitz Death Registry Volumes Long-Hidden Death Certificates Discredit Extermination Claims by Mark Weber

[1991]  'Jewish Soap' By Mark Weber

[1991] Revisionism and Censorship Down Under by John Bennett

[1990] Holocaust expert rejects charge that Nazis made soap from Jews

[1989] My Role in the [Ernst] Zündel Trial

[1986] How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss by Robert Faurisson

[1984] Orwell's 1984: Was Orwell Right? by John Bennett

David Cole: Monstrous Traitor

Victims By Eustace Mullins

[2007] "Elie Wiesel and the Big Lie" By Robert Lindsay and Andrew Winkler  In the olden days, an anti-Semite was someone who hates Jews. These days it’s someone the Jews hate.....I consider Israel to be the most racist and violent political entity on the planet, far worse for example than South Africa before the end of Apartheid.

[1986] Buchenwald: Legend and Reality By Mark Weber

[1986] Orwell's 1984: Was Orwell Right? by John Bennett

[1971] Extracts from Transcript of John Toland's interview with Konrad Morgen   Refused to testify at IMT that Frau Ilse Koch made lampshades -- "The Americans almost killed me for it... They threatened three times to turn me over to the Russians or French or Poles and had started to transfer me."

A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased by Thomas Kues

Sobibor Strangeness – A small compendium by Thomas Kues

Eliahu Rosenberg’s 1947 deposition on Treblinka by Thomas Kues