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[2017 July] UNICEF Vaccinates African Refugee Children with Combination OPV/IPV Vaccines as Part of Vaccination Experiment

[2017 May] Vaccine Damaged Child Medically Kidnapped when Parents Refuse Toxic Chemicals and Choose Organic Foods

[2017 Feb] Have DDT and Polio Vaccines been Used for Population Control? by Christina England

[2017 Feb] Patients with an Allergy to Eggs Are at Risk of Anaphylaxis from MMR Vaccine

Vaccine-derived Polio Spreading in “Polio-free” India

[2017 Jan] Scientists Prove Link Between Aluminum and Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease by Christina England

[2016 Dec] Popular TV Show is Used to Reinforce Vaccination Compliance 

[2016 nov] Dr. Squier Wins Appeal but Banned from Telling the Truth in Court about Shaken Baby Syndrome

[2016 oct] Gulf War Syndrome: Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel were Injected with Untested Vaccines

[2016 June] Measles Vaccine Scandal: World Governments Have Known It Can Cause Neurological Disorders Since 1970’s  We are reporting these facts because we believe that the public has a right to know what has been going on for years regarding the measles vaccine. We want to alert the people of the world that the CDC is not the only government organization that has known for many years that the MMR combo vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) and even separate measles vaccinations can cause lifelong neurological disorders.  The facts that we expose today are for informational and educational purposes only. All papers were gained under the Freedom of Information Act.  [Christina England]

[2016 June 14] Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Opens the Legal Door to Retry All Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions

[2016 June] Kenyan Doctors Who Exposed Vaccine Eugenics Program Wrongly Accused of Misleading the General Public

[2015 Oct] Is Your Unborn Baby Part of a Vaccine Experiment? by Christina England  "...despite recommending these vaccinations to all pregnant women, the CDC readily admits in their own documentation that neither vaccine has ever been tested during pregnancy for vaccine safety and that they have no idea whether the vaccines could harm a growing fetus."  Conclusion: CDC Cannot Be Trusted for Vaccine Safety of Unborn Children

[2016 April] WHO Caught Recommending Vaccinations Known To Render Primates Infertile  What I have discovered, I am sure that many would agree, is absolutely horrific. Vaccinations known to cause infertility have been used intentionally for many years. It is obvious that the World Health Organization, who have stated on their website that they are “articulating ethical and evidence-based policy options,” do not practice what they preach.

[2016 March] Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?

[2016 March] World Renowned Neuropathologist has Career Destroyed for Disproving Shaken Baby Syndrome

[2015 Oct] Is Your Unborn Baby Part of a Vaccine Experiment? by Christina England

[2015 Aug] Polio Vaccines Laced with Sterilizing Hormone Discovered in Kenya – WHO is Controlling Population?

[2014] Proof – Governments Have Known for Over a Century that Vaccinations Cause Allergies and Anaphylaxis!!  “Vaccines are the main cause of food allergies. The first allergy in children is casein (milk) allergy due to the casein and aluminum adjuvant in the DTaP – Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) shot which is often given at 2-3 months of age. Since all babies are fed milk in some form immediately, this is the first allergy to be recognized. 
    The next allergy to usually show up at about 3 months of age is soy allergy due to the soy peptone broth and aluminum adjuvant in the Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine given at approximately 2 months of age. Since soy formula is frequently fed to infants, this allergy also shows up early.
    Peanut and nut allergies have shown up as early as 6 months of age in children. Peanut oil is a common trade secret ingredient in vaccine adjuvants. Some manufacturers rely more predominantly on other oils in the vaccines – sesame oil in the vaccines used in Israel and parts of Europe or fish oil which is used in the Scandinavian countries.
    At 6 months of age, children can have had as many as 16 vaccinations several of which can contain mixed oils in the vaccine adjuvant. Many different food oils can be used in the vaccine adjuvant and even more foods used in the culture medium. These ingredients do not have to appear on the package insert because they are considered “inactive” and are a protected trade secret.
    Most physicians do not know that all of the ingredients do not appear on the package insert. Vaccines are not identical from batch to batch or even from dose to dose. The food protein remaining from the oils in the adjuvant or the culture medium varies which is why all the children getting vaccinated from a particular batch of vaccine may not all get the same food allergies.”

Study Reveals Children are Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels of Aluminium Causing Neurological Damage & Autism

Vaccine-Induced Tissue Scurvy Globally Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse

Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio

[2014 June] Should Premature Babies Be Included In The One-Size-Fits-All Vaccination Policy? by Christina England

[2014 Feb] Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers by Christina England

[2013 March] Baby Girl Dies Hours After Getting 5 Vaccinations  By Christina England

[2013 Jan] Video Footage Shows Prime Minister Visits Paralyzed Children, Powerful Groups Involved in Vaccine Campaign By Christina England

[2012 Dec] Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine By Christina England

[2012 Oct] Secret Papers Reveal Funding Refused to Researchers Looking Into Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Vaccinations By Christina England

  June 2012, the single mumps vaccine Medi-Mumps cultured on dog kidney cells was advertised for use at a number of private clinics as an alternative option to the MMR. It has since been discovered however, that Medi-Mumps is in fact the banned, unlicensed vaccine Pavivac. To cover this up, just like the MMR vaccine Pluserix, the vaccine was repackaged and given a new name. 

[2012 Aug] Man Serving Life for Killing his Baby Daughter Could be Innocent!

[2012 Aug] At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed by Christina England

[2012 Sept] Fragments of Foreign DNA and Other Substances From Vaccines Found in Disabled and Dying Children by Christina England

  From these documents we can clearly see that the armed forces are being given untested, unsafe vaccinations in what appears to be vaccination trials. What other untested, dangerous vaccinations are being forced on to these courageous men and women, and could these vaccinations contribute to the many soldiers suffering from the Gulf War Syndrome that we see so much of today?

[2012 June] Brains Used to Study Autism are severely Damaged in Fridge Disaster by Christina England

[2012 May] After a 17 Year Struggle, Baby Disabled From Vaccines Wins 3 Million Euros in Compensation

[2012 May] Olympic Vaccination Frenzy As Athletes Urged To Get Their Shots By Christina England   With GlaxoSmithKline (2) being the number one sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games, it makes sense that vaccinations are high on the agenda. GSK must have been in seventh heaven when they landed the Olympic contract for drugs testing. They announced in January that they had signed a contract with London 2012 to become an official supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

[2012 April] Child Paralyzed By Vaccinations And Stolen From Mother By State by Christina England

   One family caught up in the vaccine cover up was Mr. and Mrs. Peacher and their two children. Six years ago Mr. and Mrs. Peacher had their two children child A aged 6 and child B aged 7 snatched from them by social services after they claimed their children were vaccine injured.  Without warning the couple was falsely accused of MSBP and as a direct consequence of this accusation had both children taken away by social services (CPS). The children were then separated and put in foster families 200 km apart. All parental contact was severed in the case of child A and limited to just twice a year in the case of child B.


[2012 Feb] Vaccines Are Exploding Kids’ Immune Systems By Christina England

[2012 Jan] Premature Babies Used As Lab Rats In Manipulated Vaccine Trials By Christina England  To use these small vulnerable babies as little more than lab rats is bad enough but to then falsify the results to get the vaccines sanctioned to give to all premature babies is positively criminal.  Not only that, but this was a trial of a GlaxoSmithKline product, funded by GlaxoSmithKline with the majority of the researchers researching the product actually having financial ties to GlaxoSmithKline. Unbelievable!!!!

[pdf  2011 Dec] Baby Made Deaf by MMR is Refused Compensation for NOT Being Disabled ENOUGH! by Christina England  It has now been proven that the ‘Vaccine Damage Payments Unit’ (VDPU) not only cherry pick who they award compensation to, depending on the level of disability but also change their rules to suit their needs, as they go along.   Katie Stephen has been left permanently and profoundly deaf in her left ear as a result of receiving the now banned MMR vaccine, Pluserix. Despite her injury however, Katie has been refused compensation for her disability because the VDPU deems her to be less than 60% disabled.

  Parents are being lied to and emotionally blackmailed by our governments, pharmaceutical industries, media and the medical profession.

[2011 Nov] Professionals are demanding vast sums of money to write reports on clients that they have never met by Christina England  This article is just about vaccination but instead it covers issues that affect the lives of vaccine damaged children and the professionals that try to protect and help them. Professionals are writing fraudulent documents on patients and clients they have never met that are being produced as evidence in courts, case conferences, and in benefit cases all over the UK. These reports are affecting the lives of valuable, respected professionals such as Lisa Blakemore-Brown and Andrew Wakefield. They are also the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society eg: the disabled, children and families.

[2011 Nov] The truth of what lay behind the attempted assassination of Lisa Blakemore-Brown’s career by Christina England

[2011 June] Canada to Host Conference on False Accusations of Child Abuse After Vaccine Injuries By Christina England

[2011 June] GAVI Guts UK For £1.5 Billion, Bill Gates Applauds By Christina England  Well we certainly know where David Cameron’s priorities really lie, don’t we? I believe it is not only Bill Gates that needs to answer a few questions. I would like to ask David Cameron, why he feels the need to pledge £1.5 billion pounds to the third world vaccine programme and pay for this by robbing the UK’s most vulnerable people? I would also like to ask – what use are vaccines to a starving child, dying of malnutrition?

[2011 June] GlaxoSmithKline Schemes with GAVI to Offer Rotavirus Vaccine at Reduced Costs to Third World By Christina England  All very noble of them considering that Rotarix vaccine was suspended around the world last year because it contained the DNA from pigs in it. What GlaxoSmithKline are actually offering, are vaccines at a reduced price to the third world because the take up has been so low in the Western world due to reduced confidence in the vaccine.....What these people need from the governments around the world is massive injections of cash, better education and nutrition, not left over vaccines that the Western world have lost confidence in. This is no goodwill gesture but merely a cheap publicity stunt to make GlaxoSmithKline look altruistic.

[2011 May] Rise In Childhood Food Allergies Being Linked To Vaccinations By Christina England

[2011 May] UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination By Christina England  Professionals like Southall and Meadow stand up in court and categorically deny that vaccines can cause death whilst knowing that they can. They choose instead to imprison innocent mothers and send their children into overcrowded care systems. They believe that evidence of past studies and attendance at meetings cannot be found by members of the general public and that they are safe to carry on accusing more parents of abusing their children after a vaccine injury has occurred. They are perfectly happy to destroy the lives of the professionals who come close to finding out the truth, so that they can just carry on demanding a fortune for the reports that they write to damn parents whilst backed, no doubt, by governments and pharmaceutical industries. Why can’t our documentaries tell the truth? The evidence is there to be found after all. Why is it governments protect so called professionals like Southall and Meadow, even praising them for their wonderful work and yet they do nothing to protect the parents who they falsely accuse?

[2011 April] Mother Jailed for Taking Vaccine Damaged Daughter Off the Drug Risperdal By Christina England

[2011 Jan] HPV vaccine advertising is being pulled due to claims of false advertising by Christina England

[2010 Dec] The Professional Assassination Of Autism Expert Lisa Blakemore-Brown by Christina England

[2010 Dec] Studies Prove That Thousands Of Babies Are Dying From Vaccine Induced Cot Death by Christina England

[2010 Nov] GlaxoSmithKline Influences Experts To Boost HPV Vaccine Sales By Christina England  In my opinion the UK’s media should began to find the real experts to turn to for advice, rather than look to researchers who appear to be little more than GSK lapdogs. I believe that my evidence proves that GSK is financially influencing experts in attempts to change current medical practices and diagnostics in the early detection of cervical cancer. It’s clear they are carving a niche for themselves to sell their vaccines! By financing cancer research experts and support groups they can manipulate the market to benefit themselves.

[2010 Nov] Glaxo Smith Kline Brainwashed Doctors About HPV Vaccine By Christina England

[2010 Oct] Yet Another Blow For The Australian Vaccination Network As Their Charitable Status is Revoked by Christina England

[2010 Oct] Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. has history of selling shares in drug companies By Christina England

[2010 Oct] Chief Justice John Roberts cashes in Pfizer stocks to participate in landmark vaccine case By Christina England

[2010 Oct] Do vaccines cause autism? By Christina England

[2010 July] Fact, vaccines have never eradicated anything, ever by Christina England

[2010 June] The lies the Government tell when it comes to vaccines by Christina England

[2010 May] Hidden Government Papers on the Measles Vaccine Exposed by Christina England

[2010 May] Parents criticize government for not acting sooner by Christina England

[2010 April] False accusations of Munchausen by Proxy, The Truth Behind the Label by Christina England

[2010 March] Baby in Britain is overdosed with BCG vaccine and is now being treated for TB by Christina England

[2010 March] Forged documents and a scientist who absconds with $2 million puts Autism studies in doubt by Christina England

[2010 Feb] Cervarix HPV vaccine adverts are untrue and should be banned by Christina England

[2010 Jan] Website Documents Over 300 Gardasil Horror Stories by Christina England

[2010 Jan] The British Government refuse to compensate health workers who become ill after conditional vaccines by Christina England

[2010 Jan. Gardasil] Governments don’t lie, do they? by Christina England

[2009 Nov] The amazing story of UNICEF, the struck off paediatrician Professor David Southall OBE and vaccines by Christina England

[2009 Oct] Obama Declares a National Emergency which Forces Swine Flu Vaccination by Christina England

[2009 Oct] How safe are HPV Vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix? The conflicting evidence which does not add up by Christina England

[2009 July] Not all unexplained injuries are caused by the parents by Christina England .

[2009 June] It is committing professional suicide to be anti-vaccine! by Christina England

[2009 June] Thirteen hundred and twenty two families have won vaccine damage cases since 1988 by Christina England

[2009 March MMR/autism] The Public Need Questions Answered by Christina England

[2009 Jan] Pharma + Professional Persecution = Profits! by Christina England