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Isis, Horus and Seth Triad of Lucifer

Part 50 - The Sodomite Gateway - Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat - Isis and the "On Ya" Chakra

[2007] You Say She’s A Virgin? The Fallacy of Live Earth London By Matthew Delooze I believe Madonna is the symbolic Isis, a sun deity and symbolic Virgin/Queen/Mother of the world. Madonna simply means ‘Our Lady’ but our lady represents all goddesses doesn’t she? I also remind people that Big Ben (the world’s time) is dedicated to Queen Isis and her namesakes

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Because human beings all through the ages have accepted gods interbreeding, or being accepted as humans. And that shows in Christianity, that shows in Judaism. They have also used Egyptology, or the Egyptian religions a lot.  And the present head of the Illuminati compares himself a lot with the Egyptian god Osiris and Horus, which is Osiris reborn. And also with the Arthurian legends of the Roundtable. And the name that he carries from that is Pindar, which actually means “Phallus of the Dragon.” And the other name, Osiris, he has carried because he takes the name at this time the Marquis de Libeaux [libero] which means liberator of or from the waters. And the story of Osiris is that he was cut into 14 pieces and thrown into the river Nile, and Isis found the pieces and put them back together again. And she could not find the 15th piece -- which happened to be the phallus -- so a gold phallus was made. And this is very important in this group.  In the Illuminati this is important. And it is important to think about the head of the Illuminati, because what comes from a golden phallus would be a superior seed for a race.  And this is what they are doing with all of these bloodlines to keep the bloodlines going.  They are impregnating people of Aryan blood, that hold high stations with them, impregnating them with this seed of Pindar. And therefore it’s important to keep this history in mind, and the names in mind, that he is going by at this time. Icke Video interview

In Egyptian mythology Isis is considered Saturn’s eldest daughter:

“I am Isis, Queen of this country. I was instructed by Mercury. No one can destroy the laws which I have established. I am the eldest daughter of Saturn, most ancient of the Gods”

By the late Egyptian historical period, after the occupations by the Greeks and the Romans, Isis became the most important and most powerful deity of the Egyptian pantheon because of her magical skills. Magic is central to the entire mythology of Isis, arguably more so than any other Egyptian deity.
    In many spells, she also is completely merged even with Horus, where invocations of Isis are supposed to involve Horus's powers automatically as well.
    Throughout the Graeco-Roman world, Isis became one of the most significant of the mystery religions, and many classical writers refer to her temples, cults, and rites.
    Mystery religions, sacred Mysteries or simply mysteries, were religious cults of the Greco-Roman world, participation in which was reserved to initiates.
    The star Sopdet (Sirius) is associated with Isis.
    In art, originally Isis was pictured as a woman wearing a long sheath dress and crowned with thehieroglyphic sign for a throne. Sometimes she was depicted as holding a lotus, or, as a Sycamoretree.
After she assimilated many of the roles of Hathor, Isis's headdress is replaced with that of Hathor: the horns of a cow on her head, with the solar disk between them. Sometimes she also was represented as a cow, or a cow's head.

In 1888, the Isis-Urania Temple was founded in London,[10] where the rituals decoded from the cipher manuscripts were developed and practiced. We have connetion with Crowley.

Kemetic Wicca is a variation of Gardnerian Wicca that follows an Egyptian pantheon. SomeKemetic groups focus on the trinity of Isis, Orsiris and Horus and utilize prayers and spells found the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The I (EYE) acts as the MIRROR of the S (symbolic with the S on either side of it, not literally mirrored obviously) it also resonates ISIS and the occult $ (caduceus) if you lay the letters on top of each other SIS (and ISIS) in their own font you get $, numerological S=19 and I=9 so 19919, which vaguely resonates 9/11 to me. MI6 Mind Control Experiments and Salvador Dali

Currency symbolism 11  The letter S surely symbolizes slithery serpents. Looking at one half of the reflection that constitutes Osiris’ Rod, it occurred to me we are seeing the symbolic source of script. Expanding the symbol I reveal “she whom no mortal hath ever unveiled”, sister-wife of Osiris

Part 50 - The Sodomite Gateway - Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat - Isis and the "On Ya" Chakra

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Egyptian goddess Isis with a scorpion on her head

A statue of the goddess Isis adorned with a Fleur-de-lis


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Rihanna   Being initiated in occult mysteries has been defined as “unveiling Isis” as exemplified by Madame Blavatsy’s book “Isis Unveiled”.