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Luciferian symbology

Symbol additions up to 21 Nov 2011  Symbol additions 21 Nov 2011--Jan 2012

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Edmund de Rothschild, on Israel 500 shekel note  Rothschilds and Israeli leaders study model of Rothschild sponsored Israeli Supreme Court, destined to be World Court.

Look alikes  Tate, Sharon  Gillian Anderson

Angelina Jolie will play Illuminati Mother of Darkness Maleficent in Disney's new movie



Jered Leto "Fight Club" promo  Rooney Mara "Girl with the dragon tattoo" promo

Smashing pumpkins

Loreen  Hand sign (Satanic--music)


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/12)


Crazy Town

Washington Monument

Michael Stipe

All seeing eye (people)

Cole, Cheryl

Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12)



Tomek Sętowski

Gyuri Lohmuller

Vladimir Kush

Andrius Kovelinas

sarah joncas

Crotch poses  Klein, Steven

Klein, Steven

Guinness, Daphne

AMANDA SEYFRIED "It means vagina and kind of proud of it," she said. "It's my nickname. You can't see it, but it's called Minge and it's slang in England. It has something to do with your pubic hair in the dictionary."

Ellen DeGeneres  666

Pandora’s Box, Ray J-Little Lucifer, Young Buck, Clive Davis & the Assassination of Whitney Houston

Damien Hirst    All seeing eye (people)  Death's Head (Skull & Bones)

Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Human sacrifice



'They are going to crash the plane into the World Trade Centre'

[vid] 911 Prediction in 1948 Cartoon?  'The Towers are Falling!'


911 symbology  They Live!  In the 1988 movie THEY LIVE at approx 13:15 an event occurs that seems to symbolize the twin towers falling. There is no other logical reason for this to be shown.

Tequila, Tila

[vid] Red Ice TV - Episode 4 - Symbolism in Logos

Stephen Wozniak

Queen Latifah

Horus  Currency symbolism (Great Seal)

Verdone, Carlo

Demonic/satanic eyes


Sammi Hanratty

Joey King

Look alikes  Icke, David   Branson  CHIARINI, ED

Madame Blavatsky   Sanpaku eye

Pleasure P

Lara Croft movie

Brown, Chris

Brandy   Suicide (Knife & Gun)  Alter Ego=Knife to Throat. Gun to Head.

Lady Gaga  Coffin (death)


Rihanna  [2011 Oct] Rihanna Masturbates At O2 Arena

Horns  Caius Domitius Veiovis

Rihanna   Snake  Triangle   Sun

50cent  V Sign

Sanpaku eye  Viktor Bout

Sato Yukie

Leonora Carrington

Houston, Whitney  Chequered


Brzezinski, Zbigniew

Kucinich, Dennis

Shia LaBeouf

Anais Mitchell

Satanic hand sign (music)  David, Craig

Handshake (Masonic)  Taoiseach Enda Kenny Masonic handshake with Italian prime minister Mario Monti

Isis  555 Coronation Street (TV)

Symbol additions 21 Nov 2011--Jan 2012