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[2022 Aug 3] Novavax COVID Vaccines Should Carry Heart Inflammation Warning, EU Says

[2022 Aug 4] Twitter Censors Senior Israeli Physician-Scientist Injured by Pfizer Vaccine Twitter last week censored Shmuel Shapira, M.D., MPH, for suggesting a connection between the monkeypox outbreak and mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, according to a Kanekoa’s Newsletter Substack post published Wednesday.

The testing for COVID-19 is based upon the PCR test which has been established to create approximately 80-90% false-positive results. The plaintiffs further allege that the CDC rigged the PCR tests to inflate the numbers of COVID-19 deaths. “Virtually all of the PCR tests were calibrated to produce false positive results, which has enabled the Defendants and their counterparts in state governments to publish daily reports containing seriously inflated COVID-19 “case” and “death” counts that grossly exaggerate the public health threat.”

 Nurses Suffer ‘Full Body Convulsions’ After COVID-19 Vaccines – Great Mountain Publishing

6/6/22, A Blast of Fake News  (whale) 'About the only real and good news I found at Infowars was next day, that being that Pfizer has now admitted in internal documents that it has no plans to ever manufacture Comirnaty, the vaccine approved by the FDA and Congress. The vaccine everyone has been getting all along was the emergency-use Biontech. Meaning the approval was just a bait and switch and a con, since no real vaccine was ever approved for anything. Proving my analysis in August 2021 was spot-on. It is also perfect proof of fraud by Pfizer, which should nullify their liability waiver. They are now open to lawsuits for vaccine damage and I look forward to their bankruptcy. But that isn't enough. Bankruptcy isn't enough for those people. They should be tried in a special court, convicted of mass murder, and hanged, the whole lot of them'.

ot What it Seems


How the Pharmaceutical Companies Suborn State Medical Boards to Suppress Safe and Effective Drugs and Push Their Unsafe and Ineffective Drugs and Vaccines

The Media Is Suppressing Autopsy Studies Showing COVID-19 Vaccines as the Cause of Death

The Federal Government Paid Mainstream Media to Push COVID-19 Vaccines

UK Government Reports That 9 out of 10 Who Are Now Dying from COVID-19 Are Vaccinated

German Health Insurance Company Reports Massive Deaths from COVID-19 Vaccines Concealed from the Public

[2022  July 17] All Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe and Cause Injuries by 


Reader--"It doesn't get any more obvious. Dr Cole runs a pathology lab in Idaho and their is no doubt that the 'vaccines' are causing massive morbidity and mortality.  Dr Cole is seeing to much data to deny it. He has defamation law suits in the works since the attacks and smears on him because of his 'vaccine' truth telling hurt his business.  He will win."

Destroying Guidestones was NOT an Act of Defiance The destruction of the Guidestones was not done by some rogue individual, but was a planned operation by the usual Satanist insiders. 

This website, contains more stories about children and young adults whose recent deaths have been linked to COVID jabs.

Ferguson, Neil

Whitty, Chris

[11/21] ‘Hate speech’ pensioner jailed for 32 months

[10/21] Scientists warn government over Fluoride by FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK  “In our view the way the CMOs treated the health effects posed by fluoridation is a gross dereliction of their duty to protect the health of the British people.”

[2021] Dr. Stefan Lanka: “All claims about viruses as pathogens are false”

The Truth About Dr. Anthony Fauci (Dr Martin)

Dr. David Martin | Exposing the Coup D'Etat & the Plot to Steal America

Just in from France (family lose insurance claim over covid vaccine death)








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