Vaccine induced Meningitis
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[Withdrawn vaccines MMR 1992] Immravax & Pluserix  (MMR)

Daniel H Duffy Sr. DC

Dr Jean Elmiger (Rediscovering Real Medicine ISBN 1862041997)


  Stacy’s death was recorded as: Meningitis.

[2011 Oct] Dangerous New Malaria Vaccine Causes Both Meningitis and Seizures and Isn’t Effective    Bill Gates and his henchmen celebrated and applauded their new malaria vaccine at an invitation-only vaccine-fest in Seattle this week. But when you read the fine print, it turns out this vaccine ‘was 34.8% effective in reducing severe malaria for the combined age-group category.’ But it’s not only ineffective, it’s dangerous. The so-called placebo they used was a rabies vaccine known to cause neuroparalytic accidents. If you wanted to flatter your experimental vaccine, you couldn’t have picked a better so-called placebo, since rabies vaccine side effects are so dangerous.  But the ruse didn’t work. Meningitis and seizure rates were far higher for the new Gatesian malaria vaccine than for the rabies vaccine ‘placebo.’ ......Gates is conducting the Emperor’s New Clothes method of vaccine development, by dumbing down effectiveness measures and covering up adverse reactions. No self-respecting modern scientist should stoop to signing onto a vaccine that is 35% effective. Imagine the carnage if they deploy this dangerous and ineffective vaccine to undernourished populations in Africa.     Gate’s lapdog researchers said they believed the meningitis was not vaccine-related. Yeah, right. What do you expect vaccine cult scientists to say? Undernourished African children who develop immediate meningitis or seizures from this ineffective vaccine (with no malaria protection) might have a different opinion on that issue.

[2009 Aug] LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT POLIOMYELITIS VACCINATIONS by Viera Scheibner     These days, when a vaccinee develops poliomyelitis, it may not be called poliomyelitis; instead, it may be called viral or aseptic meningitis, ascending paralysis (Guillain-Barre syndrome), cerebral palsy (over 75 per cent of cases are not diagnosed at birth but after six months) or other such names. According to MMWR (1997; 32[29]:384-385), there are 30,000 to 50,000 cases of aseptic meningitis every year in the United States. Considering that the vast majority (99 per cent) of the reported cases in the pre-vaccine era were non-paralytic and would have corresponded to aseptic or aviral meningitis, then vaccination has actually increased the incidence of poliomyelitis. In the pre-vaccine era, such high numbers only occurred in some epidemics. Now, such numbers occur every year, year by year.

OPV--meningitis or polio

[2010 April] HEALTH-CHINA : Wave of Anger Rises Over Vaccine Scandal 

[2010 Jan] Chinese Student Suffered Cerebrospinal Meningitis After Swine Flu Vaccine

[Media 25/10/05] Croatian  toddlers contract meningitis through bad vaccine (MoPaRu Vaccine)

[Media June 2000, MMR--meningitis & death] Mother’s regret over son who still suffers

Letters to Daily Express June 2000 re vaccine damage

Scare on meningitis--Dr. Duffy MD 2002

[Media UK, April 2001] JAB RISK WAS IGNORED

Professor Emiritus Shehu himself will bare witness to this if he recall the incidence of CSM (Meningitis) immunization campaign in an area called Mayobelwa in former Gongola State . The communities were given vaccines for protection against the CSM, but what happened? After just a few weeks, there was a massive outbreak unprecedented in the history of the country there, and it was mostly those who were given the vaccines that were affected in that out break. Even himself, the Professor, said at that time that he could not explain the phenomenon, but we know now from recent discoveries that those vaccines were carrying a virulent that induced the disease in those vaccinated. 'Our Polio Test Was Conclusive' - DR Haruna Kaita

"My first lesson in vaccine propaganda is when I learned, back in the forties, that the "epidemics" of meningitis amongst miltitary recruits were not epidemics but clusters, and the second thing I learned was that only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" meningitis. The mess sargeant didn't, the drill sargeant didn't, only the recruits did. Not even the girls who worked at the base exchanges and service clubs, with whom the recruits played kissy face "caught" meningitis - only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" it."---Daniel H Duffy Sr. DC

In an exclusive to, Jonathan Eisen reveals that the now-famous "Norwegian parent vaccine" from which the New Zealand meningococcal vaccine was "derived" and which has been used to justify claims of "safety" and "efficacy"... was not even released in Norway, after scientists rejected it on the ground that it was only marginally effective, and that the meningitis epidemic in Norway had tapered off without the vaccine. MENZbvaccine

"When I was in high school, my parents had me vaccinated for meningitis. Following my meningitis vaccination, I ended up in the hospital with a major infection that attacked every area of my system. My parents told me that for the first two days that I was hospitalized I did not even recognize them. The doctors performed a lumbar puncture on me. This procedure involved freezing my mid-section so the doctors could insert a large needle into the pit of my spinal cord to withdraw fluid for testing. Their diagnosis was meningitis. I remained hospitalized for three weeks. They did not want to even consider that my meningitis vaccination could have caused my nearly fatal disease." Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. (p.337)

"When notifications of meningitis (from MMR vaccine) from physicians were included; when the vaccine records of hospital cases of meningitis were included; when cross linkage of vaccine records from laboratory reports (4 laboratories) was performed and included the figure was increased to 1 in 11,000. It should be noted that in the case of one particular laboratory, this was 1 in 4,000. "----- Paul Shattock and Dawn Savery,  Autism Research Unit, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.

"When I heard about the 14 year old boy who died of group C meningitis I remember wondering how soon beforehand he had had his BCG vaccination (another vaccine with a ‘live’ organism)."---DrJayne L M Donegan

"Every time you hear of the tragic death of an infant, carried off in the first weeks of life by ‘viral meningitis’, you have the right to suspect that BCG is at work, even if the autopsy confirms a viral diagnosis. My wife lived through this tragedy in a major Swiss hospital where she worked. The autopsy of the child revealed the tubercular nature of the ‘viral’ meningitis following a BCG inoculation, but all the assistants and nurses had received very clear instructions to say nothing or risk terrible consequences. As with all secret societies, the law of silence is absolute among doctors!"--Dr Jean Elmiger (Rediscovering Real Medicine ISBN 1862041997)