Spiritual  The Reign of Evil  Satanism

[Evil has been in control now and for thousands of years, hence The Reign of Evil.  This is the reality of duality: male/female, men/women, ego/essence, good/evil, yin/yang, POR/DOR, Lucifer/Jehovah. It appears Evil is part of Creation.  The King of Evil appears to be Ahriman, also Lucifer.  The spirits of evil are the Demons (e.g. Belial is the demon of lying, Blair will have this one attached). Then you have negative aliens such as the Reptilians.  Either the Reptilians were used by Creator as part of the Evil system or they came in on the act at a later date. 
    The political system is
Authoritarianism/Fascism.  Psychology is Psychopaths or Social dominator but probably is more REPTILIAN.]

Salvation (Hiding Evil)

Targeting children
'Humans can be evil'
The Lucifer look
Lucifer the light bearer

[1938] OUTWITTING THE DEVIL by Napoleon Hill

Evil or Ignorance The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

Karmapolis Interview with John Lash

Rise of the Archons An interview with Jay Weidner on Rense Radio

Manifested Evil
Rackets (Conspiracies)
Allopathic Medicine Racket
Allopathic Rackets
Human Abuse
Psychiatry Racket
Religion Racket
State Genocide

State Murder
State Terror

The Curse Of Canaan: A Demonology Of History by Eustace Mullins

See: Psychopaths

Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.   Chemotherapy

Allopathy Inc  Corporatocracy AMA CDC  FDA GAVI WHO UN  JCVI

"Evil is slick. Cunning...sly...dirty...shadowy...and PREDICTABLE as all hell. Give you an example. Out doing moves Saturday night, with a bag of orgone up the coast. Angelbaby ses aloud, "I miss so and so, and etc, and so forth." A little open heart discussion of an old friend from her past, uttered aloud in our bugged car.
   Next day, at the pool, here comes this lady, arrives after her cuz AB didn't announce her plans, kept them fluid (that's always the smart play, under these circumstances - BIG WINK), then waddled over to her, asked if she lived here, then sat down and tried to do a whole series of sympatico NLP routines on her. AB, being hep, immediately shut herself down and off and deflected the dodge. But that's not all. Want to hear the OMYGOD weird part.
     The woman, physically, was AN EXACT DUPLICATE OF HER LONG-MISSED FRIEND, down to the size, eye, hair, skin, shape, vocal tone, the works. A PERFECT CLONE. How they got her DNA and did this...and no heart center. And, they made this happen in under 18 hours. Witnesses. Sorry, I wasn't there, or I'd have the pics."---- Cbswork - June 2004

"Ahriman is the teacher of the lie that the Man is an animal: neo-Darwinism and similar theories.....Ahriman is the inspirer of the most extreme kind of "scientific" materialism: the doctrine that there is no spirit or soul in the world; that life itself is not in fact alive, but is only a complex of mechanical processes; that reality is at base only quantitative, that there is no reality in the qualitative -- color, sound, etc.; even that the human's inner being is a confluence of material forces. On the emotional level, he works in the human subconscious instincts, inspiring fear, hatred, lust for power, and destructive sex impulses. On the mental level, he inspires rigid, automatic thinking: (in Steiner's phrase) thinking almost entirely without thoughts, but thinking tremendously strongly in the language, in the literal words, which easily become empty words, which in turn easily become lies. -- This "abstract" thinking is devoid of any conscious, inner activity and devoid of any real connection to living experience, and creates a darkened consciousness without light, color, or images."  ---The Advent of Ahriman

[2010 Oct] Meet Carol Two Eagle  "But even if you kill me, that doesn't mean you have power over me. I know for a fact that until a person's number is up, it's not; & when it is, there's nothing anyone can do about it. So if you kill me, all it proves is that Tunkashila truly does work in Mysterious Ways, & chose you as the instrument by which I get to go home. If you kill me, it means my shift is over; & I'm going home. Nothing more. And we both know that, too.” Les Davis cocked the gun & put his finger on the trigger. I sat there waiting. He started to shake & he put the gun down & said, “With faith like that, we're doomed!” “It's what I pray for, FBI.”, I said.

The reptilians are the Controlling Factor. One cannot understand why there is constant strife, tragedy and turmoil in the world without first realizing that the human race is under the control and domination of a Cruel and Remorseless Intelligence. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND By James Bartley

People of the Lie (The Hope for Healing Human Evil) By M. Scott Peck, M.D.
Book Review: People of the Lie (The Hope for Healing Human Evil) By M. Scott Peck, M.D.
Political Ponerology: The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom By David Kupelian

Fluoride Dr. John Yiamouyiannis