Illuminati game
Illuminati   Symbols  Foreknowledge

[created by Steve Jackson in 1995]

See: Tarot  911 foreknowledge  Sandy Hook foreknowledge An ex-Satanist reveals the plans for the NWO and exposes Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card Game.

All seeing eye symbol

Trump, Donald

Flat Earth   Heliocentrism


The Color Purple  The Dark Knight Rises  Batman Denver shootings   Itís not just the buildings, but what really stuck out is the purple coat in the card like the one joker wears.

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Reptilians   Reptoids 

911 symbology  From the card game called 'Illuminati' (it was created in 1995)

Police agents provocateurs   Fake news events

Religion Authoritarian followers Evangelical Christianity  Mormon Catholicism  False prophets    Popes    White missionaries    Jesuits


Infectious scares  Epidemic Fearmongering  CDC

Kobe Earthquake  Chemtrails  Weather weapons New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina)

Asian Tsunami

Financial Mafia

Population Control

Book banning

Olympics 2012 (Olympic colours- blue, yellow, black, green, and red)

American Police State


Infectious scares