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[Measles death rate from 1901/2 (averaged) declined by 99.4% before vaccination in 1968, so no evidence vaccination did anything.  Now the MMR vaccine is killing (see: MMR deaths) way more than measles would be doing with or without the vaccine, for a disease that is safe under proper management (see: Homeopathy Naturopathy Nutritional medicine)].

"Under normal conditions, healthy children do not die from or become disabled from the complications of measles and if they do, questions should be asked about their management. "[Letter BMJ Feb 2005. Measles deaths & Autism diagnosis]

See: Measles deaths totals 1901 to vaccination[Letter BMJ Feb 2005. Measles deaths & Autism diagnosis] 

Offit measles deaths lie

Rationale for eliminating measles
1.Deaths had declined by 99.4% before vaccination, from 1901/2 to 1968 (England & Wales)
2. Pharma Drugs and  deaths:
3. Vitamin C prevents deaths:
4. Vitamin A reduces death rate:
5. Deaths preventable in 1860 by Naturopathic/Hygienic medicine:
6. Death associated with malnutrition and illness, and many unvaccinated:
7. Measles vaccine deaths dwarf measles death and disability:

Peter Flegg says, "The only reason more children do not die of measles in the UK is that herd immunity is still sufficiently high to protect those who cannot or have not been fully immunised."
    That is not entirely correct in my opinion.
    A site called Measles Initiative says that (7), "Measles is a leading killer of children in many developing countries for several reasons. Children are already compromised with poor living conditions, they are infected at very young ages when their immune systems are not strong, malnutrition is rampant in many homes, and many families do not have access to medical care to treat measles and its complications. Measles, itself, does not kill children. Instead, complications from measles attack the child's already weak immune system. Measles attacks the body, inside and out. It is similar to HIV in the sense that when it knocks down the immune system, the child becomes susceptible to the myriad of diseases that fester in poor living conditions."
    Do children in the United Kingdom have the same living conditions as children in Africa? ----Hilary Butler [Letters BMJ Becoming Ben Oct 2008]

In UK, from 1998 to 2007 (as of 24th November), there were 28,364 cases of measles.
    Out of the 12 deaths from 1998 - 2007, one is known not to be measles, one is provisional, 2 were immunodeficient children within the age where vaccines are administered, and the other 8 were older deaths resulting from infections contracted prior to 1967. From the years of 1998 – 2007, the risk of any unimmunized child dying from ACUTE measles was as follows:
    immunodeficient children = one per 14,182 cases of measles; healthy normal children = 0 out of 28,364.
    Any suggestion that in 2008, the risk of any child dying of acute measles is 1 in 2,000 is another fictional statistical manipulation, in the same vein as: “in order for the risk/benefit equation to be tipped in favour of leaving children unvaccinated against MMR, there would need to have been more than 7500 deaths from MMR in the last 10 years.”  -----Hilary Butler [Letters BMJ Becoming Ben Oct 2008]

Measles is widely considered a benign disease with a negligible mortality in developed countries...... in the first four years 65% of deaths were in normal individuals compared with 35% in the last four year period. ....Nineteen deaths occurred in children with lymphatic leukaemiaMiller CL 1985 Deaths from measles in England and Wales, 1970-83’ (in the bibliography of the Department of Health handbook it omits ‘1970-83’ from the title), BMJ 1985;443-4,(1)

Rationale for eliminating measles
Reducing measles deaths is the main rationale for measles vaccination, as the UK's Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will tell you when he is touting MMR vaccination (2001).

"Measles kills 1 million worldwide"---Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, Sunday Times Jan 28, 2001

This looks to be a dubious statistic anyway, and even if it was true it is would be lying with the truth, as third world conditions bear no relevance to first world:

"According to government, measles was a threat to national interest, claiming more than 40,000 lives every year (a statistic which is laughable since most people who get measles stay at home and treat it and the majority of sick people go to private clinics that do not keep records this figure was of course trumped up). This of course is a questionable statistic since the majority of deaths in Uganda are not registered and few parents remember any measles death. No point in registering a person once he has died. Forty thousand people are far much less than those killed in Uganda annually due to the civil war, dwarfs the figure for malaria, which kills a child every five second and for which governments is happy to ignore." Update: Letter from Kihura Nkuba October 20th, 2003.

They say that if children are not vaccinated against measles millions of children could die during a measles epidemic. They know this is nonsense. What they are using is examples taken from developing countries with poor nutrition and poor immune function in which such epidemic death can occur. In the United States we would not see this because of better nutrition, better health facilities and better sanitation. In fact, most deaths seen when measles outbreaks occur in the United States occur either in children in which vaccination was contraindicated, the vaccine did not work or in children with chronic, immune-suppressing diseases.  In fact, in most studies these children catching the measles or other childhood diseases have been either fully immunized or partially immunized. The big secret among "vaccinologists" is that anywhere from 20 to 50% of children are not resistant to the diseases for which they have been immunized. THE TRUTH BEHIND THE VACCINE COVER-UP By Russell Blaylock, M.D.

"In 1980 approx 39% of the world's children (141 million) suffered from some degree of malnutrition."--The Malnourished Child by Robert Suskind, Louisiana State University School of Med.

Malnutrition is to blame for more than half of all the deaths of children around the world -- including deaths caused by diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and measles, researchers said on Thursday. Poor nourishment leaves children underweight and weakened and vulnerable to infections that do not have to be fatal, the team at the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found.  They estimated that feeding all children worldwide an adequate diet would prevent about 1 million deaths a year from pneumonia, 800,000 from diarrhea, 500,000 from malaria, and 250,000 from measles...... They estimate that 52.5 percent of all deaths in young children were attributable to undernourishment, with nearly 45 percent of measles deaths and more than 60 percent of deaths from diarrhea associated with low weight and poor nutrition. [Media, Jun 17] Better Nutrition Could Save Millions of Kids-Study

1. Deaths had declined by 99.4% before vaccination, from 1901/2 to 1968 (England & Wales)

See: Measles deaths totals 1901 to vaccination

Vaccination, at the most can only have reduced deaths by .6%, and how do we know that the huge factors that reduced the deaths by 99.4% didn't play the main or only part in that .6% reduction?

and antibiotics:
"Up to 90% of the total decline in the death rate of children between 1860-1965 because of whooping cough, scarlet fever, Diptheria, and measles occurred before the introduction of immunisations and antibiotics."---Dr Archie Kalokerinos, M.D.

2. Pharma Drugs and deaths:

See: Pharma Drugs and measles deathsC L MILLER. Deaths from measles in England and Wales, 1970-83.

[Measles death June 2006]  The 13 year-old who died was particularly susceptible as he was being treated for a lung condition.
In 2006 there was one measles death in a 13 years old male who had an underlying lung condition and was taking immunosuppressive drugs. ref

"In his case, it wasn't down to his parents not giving him the vaccine because it was a contra-indication to other health problems he had. "He was admitted to hospital because of those problems and picked up the virus while on the paediatric ward."[Media Jun 21 2006]

It is ironic that many of the deaths, like most chickenpox deaths, are/were down to other pharma drugs.

"Diseases such as chickenpox or measles can be very serious or even fatal in both children and adults who take this drug (Deltason/Orasone--generic name Prednison, a steroid)."--PDR

"About half the deaths from measles in the past were in children with illnesses like leukemia who could not be immunised because of the suppression of their immune system by disease or therapies such as anti-cancer drugs and steroids."--Paul Ince, Prof of neuropathology, Sheffield University

"Lack of zinc prevents normal release of vitamin A from the liver...Low blood zinc concentrations have been found in...TB, Crohn's Disease, lung infection...many drugs cause excessive excretion of the element.  These include...corticosteroids."---Dr Len Mervyn's Minerals and Your Health (p98)

Fifty-three per cent of the 270 deaths occurred in individuals with no pre-existing condition......The pre-existing conditions in the 126 previously abnormal individuals included cerebral palsy (24), mental retardation (20), Down's syndrome (19) and various congenital abnormalities (22). There were nine children with immune deficiency or immunosuppression, and 19 aged 2-8 with lymphatic leukaemia, a number of them in remission. C L MILLER. Deaths from measles in England and Wales, 1970-83. British Medical Journal, Vol 290, 9 February 1985

3. Vitamin C prevents deaths:
"But the ordinary child who gets measles, even the child with a moderate degree of malnutrition and so forth, if you give intravenous vitamin C supplementary to other forms of treatment, the response very often, not always, is absolutely dramatic If you get them early enough. You must get them early. If you delay, and they have been unconscious let us say for days, or a day or two, you cannot reverse it. The damage is permanent. If you get them early, give them this treatment and there is no problem. And that makes me very, very angry, because they talk about "Oh, we must stop these kids getting measles" and so forth. Well, all right, I can fix them if they get measles."---Dr Kalokerinos (International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995)

4. Vitamin A reduces death rate:
"In this country the disease afflicts most heavily the children of the poorest classes, among whom the greatest mortality is observed during the first eighteen months after weaning. Since most of them are suffering from a lack of suitable fats in the diet, it is natural to suppose that they are insufficiently furnished with vitamins A and D."---J. B. Ellison M.A., M.D., D.P.H. 1932

"Three hundred cases of measles received a concentrate of vitamins A and D during the acute stage of the disease: eleven deaths occurred in the series. In a control series of 300 cases having a similar age distribution twenty-six-deaths occurred.  Evidence is brought forward in support of the view that the pulmonary complications were less severe in the treated cases than in the controls."---J. B. Ellison M.A., M.D., D.P.H. 1932

"children hospitalized with measles in Tanzania were given vitamin A capsules. The measles death rate fell by half. It was at this point that we discovered, to our astonishment, that a similar experiment had been conducted 50 years earlier in a London hospital - with the same results: medicine too has doors it did not enter, paths it did not take."--Dr. Alfred Sommer

"There is a "cure" for measles. It is called vitamin A... cod-liver oil. As early as 1932 doctors used cod-liver oil to reduce hospital mortality by 58%, but then antibiotics became the treatment of fashion, (Clin. Infect. Dis., Sept. 1994, pg 493) and vitamin A was ignored until 1980. A 1993 study showed that 72% of hospitalised measles cases in America are vitamin A deficient, and the worse the deficiency the worse the complications and higher the death rate. (Pediatric Nursing, Sept./Oct. 96.) Yet doctors and hospitals in New Zealand do not use vitamin A."

5. Deaths preventable in 1860 by Naturopathic/Hygienic medicine:
"I have myself, through Natural Hygiene, over 16 years, treated all forms and hundreds of cases of typhus and typhoid fevers, pneumonia's, measles and dysentery's, and have not lost a single patient. The same is true of scarlet and other fevers. No medicine whatever was given".--Dr Trall, 1860.

6. Death associated with malnutrition and illness, and many unvaccinated:
"It has been reported by the UK DoH that there has been an epidemic of measles in the Dublin area, and that two children have died:  one child suffering from malnutrition, other had other complications, so probably spurious to automatically link deaths to lack of vaccination. Details of cause of death not known. Also 6 intensive care cases, same lack of information - but see below.  According to the PHLS of Ireland, the Informed Immunisation Network Dublin and Eurosurveillance Weekly, the year-2000 outbreak grew thus: by Feb 2000 there were 16 hospitalisations, but 9 were under age of vaccination and 4 vaccinated. Only 3 out of 16 cases were therefore children who had avoided vaccination.  By June 2000, there were 844 cases, of which 101 were hospitalised. The highest attack rate was in ages 6-14 months, i.e. under the age of MMR. By end September 2000 there were 1523 cases.  What the UK DoH does not quote about Ireland is numbers of deaths following vaccination. Any recorded numbers also likely to be underestimate because paediatricians do not always link with MMR."--David Thrower

In 2006 there was one measles death in a 13 years old male who had an underlying lung condition and was taking immunosuppressive drugs. ref

[2008] "A 17 year old with underlying congenital immunodeficiency."---

[June 2008] Teenager dies of measles as cases of disease rise  The 17-year-old was admitted to hospital in April with pneumonia which developed after he contracted measles. He died in hospital five weeks later and Government scientists are urging doctors to take all opportunities to vaccinate any children who have not had a double dose of MMR. The teenager, from West Yorkshire has not been named, had been born with poor immune system which meant he was susceptible to infections and in cases like this it usually means they cannot have be immunised.

Some years ago much was made of two deaths from measles in Dublin. I tracked down the cases and found both children were already seriously ill before they contracted measles. But I was able to find this out only because of the openness of the Irish authorities. When a measles death was reported in Britain a few months ago, I was refused further information on the phoney grounds of 'confidentiality'. I was not planning to reveal the child's identity - only his general medical state - and the officials involved knew this.  Creepier still was the carefully organised and mysterious attempt to scare me in to silence by sending me phoney letters from non-existent mothers claiming their children had nearly died because of my columns. Supposedly, the invented mothers had not given their children the MMR because they had read my articles, and the fictional children had then been seriously ill. [Media June 2006] If MMR is safe, why the lies and paranoia? --Hitchins

Fifty-three per cent of the 270 deaths occurred in individuals with no pre-existing condition......The pre-existing conditions in the 126 previously abnormal individuals included cerebral palsy (24), mental retardation (20), Down's syndrome (19) and various congenital abnormalities (22). There were nine children with immune deficiency or immunosuppression, and 19 aged 2-8 with lymphatic leukaemia, a number of them in remission. C L MILLER. Deaths from measles in England and Wales, 1970-83. British Medical Journal, Vol 290, 9 February 1985

"The Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health attributed the decline in the death rates of scarlet fever and measles, in part, to improvements in nutrition. It could only be determination not to look at the facts fairly that prevented him from attributing the diminution of all these diseases to improvement in sanitary, housing, economic, educational and social conditions, rather than to any "prophylactics " which may have been used. It can be asserted with justification that without any "immunization" whatsoever, the diphtheria position would have been just as good today as it is, and it might have been even better."--- Lilly Loat [Book 1951] The Truth About Vaccination and Immunization

Answers from Health Dept in Eire re measles outbreak 2000 (Deaths)

7. Measles vaccine deaths and disability dwarf measles deaths and disability:

See: MMR vaccine damage, Media stories: Deaths & vaccination,  [Media Feb 2006] Secret report reveals 18 (UK) child deaths following MMR vaccinations

"In the unlikely event that a child does get measles, the chances that the disease will prove fatal are extremely low. The worst outbreak in the last 15 years was in 1990, when there were 27,786 cases and 89 deaths. That's a 0.32 percent chance of dying on top of a 0.0115 percent chance of coming down with the disease in the first place, compared to a child's 0.2 percent chance of coming down with autism by the age of 5.   Because the number of measles cases was 12 times greater than normal in 1990 and the fatalities occurred in people of all ages, a child under 5 is approximately 800 times more likely to develop autism than die of measles in an average year."---Vox Day

"From July 1990 thro' April 1994, 5799 ADRs following MMR vaccination were reported to US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS); including 3063 cases requiring emergency medical treatment, 616 hospitalisations, 309 who did not recover, 54 children left disabled and 30 deaths."--- John P Heptonstall

Autism (287), Crohn’s disease and other serious chronic stomach problems (136), Epilepsy (132), Other forms of brain damage (induding meningitis, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, encephalitis etc.) (77), Hearing and vision problems (81), Arthritis (50), Behavioural and learning problems (in older children) (110), Chronic fatigue syndrome (41), Diabetes (15), Guillain-Barre syndrome (9), Idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura (and other purpuras) (6), Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) (3), Wegener’s Granulamatosis (2), Leukaemia (1), Multiple sclerosis (1), Death (18). (Dawbarns fact sheet.)