The AIDS red flag parade
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Truth is way stranger than fiction, and here is an example, a red flags special. An Allopathic medical monopoly production, with the Charities playing their part. First you round up some vaccine believers for a Hepatitis B vaccine 'experiment'. [Note: even though they haven't proven a hepatitis virus exists, they are now killing babies with this vaccine (a long tradition of vaccination), on the rationale they will turn highly promiscuous and/or into needle using drug addicts, years later! See: Hepatitis B vaccine, Medical tests (quotes). Mind you, if New Labour have their way anything is possible.

Then some (maybe all died) people come down with a vaccine induced disease, probably due to a Mycoplasma [Note: No surprise there, other vaccine induced diseases are Leukemia, Spanish Flu, Gulf War Syndrome, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Polio etc.]  Then a secret (i.e. up to no good) outfit called the Epidemic Intelligence Service of the pharma white collar bandits called the CDC [Note: The main function of the CDC is to flog vaccines for the drug Corporations (which they mostly do by Fearmongering, and other lies--the FDA bandit does the other drugs)] along with Virus hunters (who rely on the false Pasteurian disease theory just to exist), and declare a new 'infectious' disease [Note: 'New diseases' are man made--Polio (DDT & vaccines), Gulf War Syndrome (anthrax and other vaccines), Autism (vaccines), ADD (vaccines, drugs), Ebola, etc, and if you want to believe them about how 'infectious' anything is look at their smallpox lies.  Also Infections & poisons Infection & nutrition].

Then along comes a Jesuit called Gallo (from the failed war on cancer) and The Virus hunters to produce some fraudulent research [Note: Nothing new there, see the The MMR Conspiracy to cover up the vaccine induced autism epidemic, of which the AZT maker, Glaxo, is partly creating with its MMR vaccine.  It withdrew its last one, Pluserix, by the way, yet this one is 'perfectly safe'] to 'prove' a virus he found and called HIV is the cause of it, coming from some monkey bite! [Note: They make/made vaccines using monkey kidneys, by the way. See: AIDS & polio vaccines Contaminants  Ingredients].  He then patented an HIV test .  This makes him a millionaire and opens the gates for 'AIDS' victims.  No test, no AIDS.

"The (HIV) test is the key and the gateway into a medical holocaust brought about by the drugs".---Jon Rappoport

Along comes the Wellcome drug bandits to the rescue with a failed Chemotherapy drug (too toxic, and that is saying something) called AZT that they are trying now, 2007, to give to Africans. [See: their 'experiment' in New York exposed by Liam Scheff to see where they are coming from and read Good Intentions by Nussbaum to see how they got that on the market. [Note: One Wellcome Foundation bandit called Anderson recently laid waste to vast areas of the UK thanks to another of their Fear mongering viruses  known as Foot and mouth.]  Wellcome just so happen to make poppers that are a great way to kill your immune system (aka AIDS),  and anyone can buy them over the counter (OTC).

This bottled poison called AZT then started killing, not curing, people. [See: Pharmaceutical AIDS.] No surprise there, the Allopaths have only cured bacterial infections with drugs and they kill hundreds of thousands of people every year with cancer Chemotherapy, (given to c. 50% of victims yet only of any use to 5%) to add to their 780,000 iatrogenic deaths tally, not forgetting the millions they addict to psychiatric drugs every year. [Note: Have a look at what they are doing to babies with another bit of bottled genocide called Viramune (nevirapine), which they are now, 2007, aiming to give to (some pregnant) Africans. See: Anthony Brink.  The Elite like to bump them off (while plundering their wealth), an old tradition of Big Brother, called Population Control, just been caught red handed doing that with the Oral Polio Vaccine. See: Kihura Nkuba]

They hid that fact by calling it AIDS and including 29 (at last count) other diseases (long tradition there. See: Diagnosis) into the AIDS diagnosis which increased the numbers considerably. 

At this point you should know that Vitamin C has been proven to kill viruses, some for over 50 years, eg Polio (1949), Viral Hepatitis (1949), Viral Encephalitis, Meningitis, Viral Pneumonia etc. [See: Levy, MD Nutritional Medicine ] (same with some more recent therapies such as Oxygen Therapy, & Electronic medicine Zappers) but Allopathy won't use non-Allopathic medicine , they can only use drugs that mostly don't work.   That wouldn't matter apart from the fact they are running a monopoly and also control the media and government, so you never even know anything else exists.  Also non-Allopathic doctors such as Dr Shulze have cured 'AIDS' patients.  See: Suppress alternatives

The whole brew is helped hugely by a large group of people who like to beat themselves up, as John Lauritsen exposed in his book The AIDS Cult, while on the sidelines a character who looks like Dr Death, and was involved with that original 'experiment' tries to get a vaccine off the ground called VaxGen, without any success (maybe he isn't a  member of the right HellFire club, like Glaxo) as they are making too much money on 'AIDS' now, it must be rivalling the Cancer Industry for income.

To get some historical perspective on this one see their Cancer Hoax, just for starters. Still want to believe them?   Just goes to show what the What To Thing Network can make you think.  The Allopaths have yet to cure one single person of 'AIDS'.  No surprise there, so why would anyone believe what they say?  One of the best examples of medical mind control, and the pharma induced disease money go round.  Just shows what you can do with a vaccine if you cut the chain link to the truth. See: Vaccine Disease Racket

The way they got away with it using something like AZT brings to mind Revelation of the Method------When you have the population so brainwashed you can only get your kicks from rubbing their noses in it--aka the Emperor walking around naked. [See: Psychopaths]

"It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them."  -Adolph Hitler