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Jewish Goldman Sacks banker headed up BBC

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MJA AWARDS 2004 (L to R) Jeremy Laurance, The Independent; Jenny Hope, Daily Mail; Sarah Boseley, The Guardian; Gill Markham, Corporate Affairs Director, Wyeth; Dr Phil Hammond. 
Writer and broadcaster Dr Phil
Hammond presented the MJA Awards at a ceremony at the Royal College of General Practitioners on July 7th.
    Pharmaceutical company
Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored this year's presentation ceremony and the Freelance Journalist of the Year and the Medical Charity categories. The Medical Journalist of the Year and Medical Publication awards were sponsored by Pfizer UK. The Health Journalist of the Year was sponsored by Wyeth.




Greier, MR and Greier, DA


Arms industry


[2016 April. Film] Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

Conflicts of Interest (government)  Conflicts of Interest 18 Venn Diagrams Depicting Conflicts of Interest That Exist Between Many Major Industries and the US Government.   These were made in 2012 I believe, so I'm sure some of the positions have changed, but it's easy to see that a great deal of overlap and collusion is taking place.

Coleman, Dr Vernon    [2014]  Dr. Vernon Coleman Talks about Vaccination and Safe Immunization

Swine flu 2009 [2015 Sept] If a mainstream reporter told the truth the pillars of reality would crumble by Jon Rappoport

Cooper, Anderson , CNN

Don Bradley was one of Shirley MacLaine's three occult teachers in the mid 80s, right before the Stinkmeisters started promoting her as a guru. He says she's a hopeless, witless Monarch drone but a nice gal, otherwise. He says, too, that Oprah is turned on and off by signals from her CIA handler and spends her off-air periods during her shows in a catatonic trance. He was a guest on her show several times in the 80s and was shocked when he tried to start a conversation with her during a commercial break because her handler had 'turned her off' and she simply continued staring straight ahead with no expression. Would be fun to get that on YouTube, eh? --Don Croft


Faurisson, Professor Robert

Simon Shack

CBS  All seeing eye THE SMALLPOX VACCINE RACKET Hype disease risk Infectiousness of smallpox Case mortality/Dangers of Smallpox quotes Smallpox vaccination lies  Medical lies

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Cooper, Anderson , CNN CIA   'The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media'.--William Colby

J. P. Morgan Rothschild

[2007] Time Stamp Confirms BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance


[2012 March] Poison Journalism: Five Shocking Clips of Brian Kilmeade On Fox News By Richard Cassaro



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